You Don’t Possess God

Wow, that’s a tough title, it’s even somewhat offensive. What do you mean I don’t possess God? I’m a Christian, He lives in me! Don’t worry I had the same thought! So what do I mean by saying you don’t possess God? Well let’s look at it this way. Once you become a Christian, God’s word says … [Read more…]

Living From Love, Not For Love

Recently I realized I’m a performer. Typically when I think about the title performer I think about musicians and actors, people that entertain. But the type of performer I’m talking about is the one that performs as a defensive behavior motivated by the fear of failure. An example of this would be the person that … [Read more…]

Are You Enough? : The moment I realized WHO made me enough

This past week my husband and I decided to take our family to an amusement park. We all share a love for amusement park rides. But for the past few years we’ve had some problems with some of the rides, the ones with height requirements, my kids weren’t tall enough to ride all the rides. … [Read more…]

Identity Theft: Have you been robbed? You may be surprised…

I remember the first time I had something stolen from me. I was in Jr. High and everyday I wore a golden heart shaped ring with a little diamond in the center of it. I was proud of my ring and admired it often. But during gym class we were not allowed to wear jewelry … [Read more…]

She Persevered : Guest Post by Jodi LaFrance

Mom. Mommy. Mama. Mother. Mum. What do you call the precious woman who housed you inside her very body while you were being knit together by the Spirit of God? The earliest memory I have of my mother is when I was around two years old. We lived out on a ranch east of Alpine, … [Read more…]

Guest Post: The Gift and the Giver by Kayla Hibbitts

My mom was THE BEST gift giver. I have yet in my life to encounter another person that has so precisely planned, thought out and picked more prefect gifts for me than she could. It was like a special gift all in its own — this ability she had to give something I never even … [Read more…]

A Mother’s Love: Gratitude For The Women God Has Placed In Your Life

Since Mother’s Day is only a few weeks away I’ve been thinking about moms. From my biological mom to my mother-in-law, from my grandma to my spiritual moms, and then there are all of the women who are walking out motherhood with me…that makes for a lot of moms. I am grateful for each and … [Read more…]

The Power of Remembering: Easter’s Not Just Another Holiday

This week I desperately wanted to write an amazing post about Easter, hoping to add some awe inspiring, mind blowing content to your life this weekend — but I don’t. And honestly, that’s how it should be. Yes, I could go through the play by play of the crucifixion of Jesus and his resurrection, but … [Read more…]

What’s Your Story? There’s power in your redemption story, are you telling it?

You’ve probably heard is said that we all have a story to tell — which is true. And I’m certain that if you and I could sit on my back porch, you could tell me your story. So my question is, “What’s your story?” Psalm 107:2 (NIV) says, “Let the redeemed of the Lord, tell … [Read more…]

Spiritual Whack-A-Mole: How to deal with those old issues that keep popping up

Have you ever played the Whack-A-Mole game at a place like Chuck E. Cheese Pizza? If you haven’t, here’s the scenario. You stand with a foam mallet in your hand, eagerly waiting to whack the heads of these little moles that pop up out of the game console. When you whack them on the head, … [Read more…]