Blind As A Bat: Have you checked your vision lately?

Typically when I hear the phrase, “…as blind as a bat” I envision a Mr. Magoo type of person wearing coke bottle glasses who is talking to a light pole thinking it’s a person. But what if we applied “blind as a bat” to a person who was so self-centered that they couldn’t see anything? … [Read more…]

Do You Entertain Much? If so who?

Due to growing up in the South, my mind typically will sway towards Southern hospitality when I think about the word entertain. I think about someone who is warm, sweet and welcoming to people who come in their home. But what if instead of thinking about entertaining in the concept of people we consider entertaining in … [Read more…]

Matt Redman’s New CD “Glory Song” Review & Giveaway

I’ve had the privilege of getting to review Matt Redman’s new cd titled Glory Song in exchange of my honest feedback. Which provides me with a copy of this cd that I can give away to one of you. Over the past 20 years of my life Matt Redman has been a worship leader and christian song … [Read more…]

What Did You Step In? Jesus’ love expressed in washing feet

My kids are drawn to a mud puddle like a moth is drawn to light. It never fails, the second they see mud they have to walk in it…they’re just being kids. Although my kids often forget about the mud they’ve walked in and will try to come into our house as if there is nothing on … [Read more…]

Victim Or Victor: Moving from Powerless to Powerful

When you hear/read the word victim what do you think? Personally, I don’t like it, yet it’s a part of our world. I don’t like it because it makes me feel powerless…like life happens to me. And it’s not just the negative effects that surround the word victim, it’s the powerlessness that goes against who … [Read more…]

How Do You Do God’s Will If You Don’t Know What It Is?

First be passionate to do God’s will. John 7:17 The Passion Translation Have you ever made God’s will out to be some secret code that was hidden and only the spiritually elite could find it and understand it? I have. In all honesty, I was just too blind to see. I let myself get in … [Read more…]

Are You An Expert? The day I realized how ignorant I was

Have you ever met an expert? Like the person who looses a few pounds and now they are an expert on weight loss. Or the person who gets their child to sleep all night, in their own bed, and they are quick to share their parenting expertise. In college I remember studying the bible and … [Read more…]

The Heart Of Leadership: Guest Post by Arnita Willis Taylor

Leadership proves to be one of my favorite topics to study, observe, and help others to understand. At a very base level, great leadership involves helping others succeed at a goal, assignment, or desire. Leaders come alongside you to help you progress through assignments in a successful manner. An effective leader’s goal is to help … [Read more…]

Your Win Is My Win: Why helping others win is Your biggest win

Most of us can weep with others, but rejoicing when someone is blessed is another issue. Lids on crab buckets are unnecessary because if one crab starts to crawl out of the bucket, the other crabs grab him and pull him back. — Bob Mumford I read this quote a few weeks ago and it … [Read more…]

If I Had Known Then What I Know Now: Part 3: The Purpose of Fruit!

Trying to narrow down the “If I had known then what I know now” words, is hard! Because, if we could share those words of wisdom over a cup of coffee, I know we would not have enough coffee! But I thought I would share with you one of the most recent nuggets of wisdom … [Read more…]