Unnecessary Expectations

This week I have been wrestling with what to even write about, not that there isn’t anything to write about.  I just realized that this week I have been pressuring myself to fulfill expectations that I have placed upon myself.  My desire is to speak a word of encouragement each week to everyone who reads … [Read more…]

Trusting God With Tomorrow

I have been wrestling with worry this week!  This past weekend I was able to speak with numerous friends who were asking about the book I am writing.  The question “So what’s next?” kept coming up in every conversation.  Every time I heard that question I responded with, “I don’t know, God has me right … [Read more…]

Do You Want To Know What My Book Is About? Read On And You Will See!!

Over the past few months I have mentioned off and on that I am writing a book!  Well it finally dawned on me that perhaps each of you would like to know exactly what I am writing about!  My book is a memoir of how God changed my life and restored what sin had destroyed … [Read more…]

Truth To The Core

Being a parent of two little children has been such a great blessing to me and my husband.  Although it has been a blessing there are days when I want to pull my hair out!  I love my babies, but the days when my babies are not loving each other are what frustrate me!  I … [Read more…]