No Blemish In You

Here are some words of encouragement for everyone today!  I hope it blesses you!  My prayer for each of you is that you would begin to see yourself the way God sees you and would begin to take God at His word!  Be blessed today! *I would love to hear what your thoughts are on … [Read more…]

Love As The Motivator, Not Shame

While growing up I can recall times when I heard the phrase “Shame on you” or “You should be ashamed of yourself” while being scolded for some type of misbehavior I had committed. I do not believe that my parents and grandma actually wanted to place shame upon me, they just wanted me to feel … [Read more…]

Our Father’s Memory

A few months ago God gave me a promise that both of my children would come to receive Him as their savior. Within a few weeks I was able to see this promise be fulfilled! Sunday our precious girl decided she was ready to get baptized! It was a beautiful, amazing joy filled night. As I … [Read more…]