Adoring Jesus

Over the Christmas season I know we hear many Christmas songs- some new, many traditional, and then some variations of traditional songs. Wednesday as I was driving my kids to school we were listening to Kari Jobe’s Adore Him. As I was listening to the words of her song God showed up with me in my … [Read more…]

The Nativity Story With A Fresh Perspective

Years ago I got a book called Moment’s With The Savior: A Devotional Life Of Christ by Ken Gire. In his book Mr. Gire does an excellent job of illustrating the life of Christ with his words. He has a gift to bring detail and color to passages of scripture that we so often become too familiar … [Read more…]

Choosing The Good Part

…only a few things are necessary really only one, for Mary has chosen the good part, which shall not be taken away. Luke 10:42 In the past it really has irritated me just how much I relate with Martha. I found myself having a disdain towards Martha, probably because I could identify with her so … [Read more…]

When We Ask, “Lord, do You not care?”

“Lord, do You not care… Luke 10:40 Earlier this week I shared how Martha struggled with distractions. She was distracted with preparing dinner for Jesus while her sister Mary sat at the feet of Jesus enamored with every word that poured from His mouth. Today we watch the scene unfold as Martha’s frustration with her … [Read more…]

The Thief -Distraction

But Martha was distracted with all her preparations.. Luke 10:40 I find myself relating to this passage more than I would like to admit. I would love to say that the reason that I struggle with distraction is due to the busyness of the Christmas season, but the truth is my struggle with distraction is … [Read more…]