Nit-Picking, Are We Talking About Bug’s or What Bugs Us?

When I was in fifth grade I got head lice. Oh, it was terrible! Not only was it humiliating but the thought that I had this nest of bugs taking up residence in my hair was disturbing. Oh and the treatment, my poor parents spent hours picking each nit out of my hair, and steam … [Read more…]

How Do We End Up Becoming The Person We Never Wanted To Be?

Have you ever had those moments where you are trying so hard to be one thing but you end up being the thing you don’t want to be? For example, you’ve always said you never wanted to be the parent who yelled at their kids, yet you find yourself yelling at your kids. Or you … [Read more…]

Wonder Woman Boot’s and a Bath Towel Cape

One my favorite games that my sister and I would play growing up, was when we would pretend to be Wonder Woman! Both of us would put on a pair of my mothers wedge heel boots (that came up over our knees) and tie bath towels around our necks (an obvious cape). Not only did … [Read more…]

Fancy Lotion, Antiques and an Alabastar Jar

Recently I stayed at a hotel that provided some amazing lotion, shampoo and conditioner! After using them for the first time I had already decided they would be make the trip home with me! As I got home my children began to go through my luggage and my daughter spotted my stash! She too is … [Read more…]