Is It Tomorrow? Get Your Eyes Off of Sexy Tomorrow and Fixed on Beautiful Today

The one question I get asked every day from my kids is, “What day is it?” I then enter “teaching mode” as I review the days of the week song with them, when it finally dawns on me that the real question my kids are asking is, “Is it tomorrow?” Each week they have certain … [Read more…]

What Details Are You Paying Attention To? Learning how to discern between the important ones & the decoy’s

On Monday morning I was looking at my schedule for the week ahead of me, and I was faced with the things I needed to do and the things I wanted to do. I tried to look at every detail to see how I could make the two “to-do” list mesh together, but frankly, some … [Read more…]

The Biggest Story DVD & Audio Book Review & Giveaway

Recently my family and I had the opportunity to review Kevin DeYoung’s new DVD and Audio Book calledĀ The Biggest Story: How The Snake Crusher Brings Us Back To The GardenĀ in exchange for a my honest review. I want to start by saying. “Wow!” I am always on the look-out for a new book or video … [Read more…]

Do You Feel Like You’re Not Enough? 4 steps to get you out of the not enough rut

Have you ever believed that you were not enough, like you just didn’t measure up. This belief could pop up in your job, finances, relationships, body image, or with your own personal goals and standards? So, what was your response? Did you throw yourself into working over time to keep from hearing that phrase again? … [Read more…]

Are Facts Undermining Your Faith?

Everyday we encounter facts. If you look at your bank statement, you get facts. If you have a leaking roof — you can see the facts. If you get an unfavorable diagnosis from your doctor on a test result, you hear the facts. If you get fired from a job — you experience facts… this … [Read more…]