Who Told You To Pick That Up? : Picking Up Burdens Without Asking God

Have you ever had those weeks that you are just completely exhausted? You know, the ones you not only are physically wore out, but also spiritually and emotionally wore out. Did you ever think that maybe we have those kind of days or weeks because we are carrying jobs or burdens that we were not intended … [Read more…]

Book Review & Giving Away a Copy of Paul David Tripp’s New Book!

Since becoming a parent I have read my fair share of parenting books. The majority of those books seem to have the solution to parenting that is laid out in a formula or to-do list format with the hopes that each parent could follow to raise “great” kids. Sure, you can get some great ideas … [Read more…]

Grace For The Moment, Part 3: Immediate Grace

Have you ever spent the day cleaning your house, and just when you’re ready to step back and admire all of your hard work, you watch one of your kids spill their glass of milk all over the floor? Or had a night when your child wakes you up a hundred times because they want … [Read more…]

Grace on Tap: Part 2: Available Grace

I first heard the phrase “grace on tap” when I read Phillip Yancey’s book What’s So Amazing About Grace.  Yancey explains that christians have an endless supply of grace that flows to them from God and in turn should flow thru them. We have this abundant supply of grace so that we may offer grace like … [Read more…]

Grace To Grow: Part 1: Giving grace in your relationships

My family and I, along with some friends, got to have lunch with the guest worship leader that came to our church this Sunday. During our conversation, my friend asked how she (our guest) had matured as a worship leader. We were all leaned in intently listening to her response when she said, “You know, … [Read more…]