Can Anything Good Come Out Of My Kids Fighting?…You Bet!

I am going to tell on myself this week in hopes that what I learned from this situation will help you. My kids and I have been “off” for Christmas break, but honestly, it has not felt like a break. We may not have been doing the routine of school, but things were still busy. … [Read more…]

Well Done — is for Today: Taking human expectations off of our Heavenly Father

I have been mulling over this post for a few weeks now. It’s not about Christmas or any type of seasonal flare, so maybe that is why I have waited to post it. But what I’m about to share just keeps coming up in my thoughts and conversations and I believe it’s a word that … [Read more…]

Are Your Christmas Traditions Life-Giving or Life-Draining?

This time of year, Christmas traditions are the one thing we all have in common. Not all of our traditions are the same, but we all have them.  There are traditions about what food should be eaten at Christmas dinner. And traditions about when and where Christmas gifts should be opened. Some families have a … [Read more…]

Joy To The World…Yes…Please!: Finding Joy During The Holidays

I love Christmas! There is so much about this time of year that makes me smile. From the music, the lights, the food and family traditions, all of it makes me giddy like a kid. But I have to confess, there are some things about this time of the year that can rob my joy … [Read more…]

Is It Really That Important?

Don’t you think it’s funny how the gauge for somethings importance is all about perspective? “Is it really that important?” is the question I usually ask my kids when I am in the middle of an important task and they ask me to stop what I am doing to come and do their request. Of … [Read more…]

5 Photographer Tips For Your Family Christmas Photos

Guest Post by Chelsea Yankie Don’t you just love the Christmas Season? I certainly look forward to the holidays as much as any of my 4 children. After our brutal Texas summers that bleed into fall we eagerly await the cold air, jolly tunes, fires blazing with stockings above, sparkling lights, and family to love. … [Read more…]