Half Empty to Half Full: Changing Your Perspective

I would describe myself as a glass half full kind of girl, and I can usually see the silver lining on every cloud (this annoys some people). But this week I was struggling with fears and unanswered questions, therefore pessimism consumed my thoughts. I felt like I was stuck in a pit, which I had … [Read more…]

Being Still Even If You’re The Energizer Bunny

When I was a teenager, I remember watching the commercial for the Energizer Bunny. It was a cute bunny, wearing black sunglasses beating a drum. Energizer Batterie’s catch phrase was, “It just keeps going, and going, and going…” Some days I feel like I have somehow taken on that Energizer Bunny mentality. I keep going … [Read more…]

How Are You Doing With Soul Care?

I shifted uncomfortably in my chair while my eyes scanned the room trying to carefully formulate my response to the question, “How are you doing with soul care?” You know when you are asked a question like this, if you’re like me, you want everyone to know that your fine, your doing great. After all, … [Read more…]

Put Down the Failure and Pick Up the Gifts of Forgiveness & Grace

Most days I just don’t feel like I cut it as a wife, mom, daughter and friend. Sure, I start the day with the expectation and intent to be the best in each of these areas, but then, everybody wakes up. It doesn’t take long for irritation and impatience to rear its head, and then … [Read more…]