Spiritual Whack-A-Mole: How to deal with those old issues that keep popping up

Have you ever played the Whack-A-Mole game at a place like Chuck E. Cheese Pizza? If you haven’t, here’s the scenario. You stand with a foam mallet in your hand, eagerly waiting to whack the heads of these little moles that pop up out of the game console. When you whack them on the head, … [Read more…]

What Season Are You In?

Monday marked the first official day of spring, it felt like spring weeks ago in my neck of the woods, but now it’s official! I love the beginning of every season, I love the change in weather, the change in colors and the change in my wardrobe! Although, where I’m from, Monday can feel like … [Read more…]

Video Post: It’s Not About Performance

When I hear the word performance I tend to think about year end reviews, or product ratings, because performance is about seeing the evidence of progress or something accomplished. For the most part performance is the proof in the pudding…but what if you and I are looking for performance in the wrong areas? Or what … [Read more…]

Building Up or Tearing Down: The Power Of Your Words

Sitting in my kitchen window is this scripture, “Wise people are builders — they build families, businesses, communities. And through intelligence and insight their enterprises are established and endure.” Proverbs 24:3 (TPT) Every day I look at that scripture and I can’t get past the first part, “Wise people are builders” because the immediate question that … [Read more…]