How Do You Do God’s Will If You Don’t Know What It Is?

First be passionate to do God’s will. John 7:17 The Passion Translation Have you ever made God’s will out to be some secret code that was hidden and only the spiritually elite could find it and understand it? I have. In all honesty, I was just too blind to see. I let myself get in … [Read more…]

Are You An Expert? The day I realized how ignorant I was

Have you ever met an expert? Like the person who looses a few pounds and now they are an expert on weight loss. Or the person who gets their child to sleep all night, in their own bed, and they are quick to share their parenting expertise. In college I remember studying the bible and … [Read more…]

The Heart Of Leadership: Guest Post by Arnita Willis Taylor

Leadership proves to be one of my favorite topics to study, observe, and help others to understand. At a very base level, great leadership involves helping others succeed at a goal, assignment, or desire. Leaders come alongside you to help you progress through assignments in a successful manner. An effective leader’s goal is to help … [Read more…]