Did You Shelve Your Gifts? The hang-ups in using spiritual gifts

Bring your gifts just as you are and put your trust in him. Psalm 4:5 The Passion¬†Translation¬†   I admit, I like getting gifts. It’s always fun to know that someone took the time to pick out a present just for you. It’s even better when the gift totally lines up with your personality and … [Read more…]

Blind As A Bat: Have you checked your vision lately?

Typically when I hear the phrase, “…as blind as a bat” I envision a Mr. Magoo type of person wearing coke bottle glasses who is talking to a light pole thinking it’s a person. But what if we applied “blind as a bat” to a person who was so self-centered that they couldn’t see anything? … [Read more…]

Do You Entertain Much? If so who?

Due to growing up in the South, my mind typically will sway towards Southern hospitality when I think about the word entertain. I think about someone who is warm, sweet and welcoming to people who come in their home.¬†But what if instead of thinking about entertaining in the concept of people we consider entertaining in … [Read more…]