Doubt is a Choice, Not the Inevitable

When I think of the word “doubt” I typically don’t see it as a choice. For some reason I see it as some type of freight that is stacked up in a storehouse in my heart. I know this because I find myself praying prayers like, “God please remove the doubt in my heart.” Like … [Read more…]

You’ve Been Chosen: Dealing with insignificance

Do you remember those childhood days on the playground when teams needed to be formed for a game? The team captains would be selected and then the captains would begin to choose their team, one-by-one. Usually their best friends, or the most athletic or talented kids were amongst the first to be selected, which left … [Read more…]

Don’t Give Up: Overcoming Life’s Distractions

2018 is here, whether you were ready for it or not. And with the new year came all of the new resolutions and diets (by the way the first three letters in diet are die, I’m just saying…) and gym memberships, while others just treated January 1st like any other day. But regardless if you … [Read more…]