All Who Are Weary…Rest

Is anyone else as happy as I am that the school year is over?! During the last month of the school year, my family seemed to be at mile 22 of a marathon. They were almost done, but we were all completely exhausted and could not go another step! It wasn’t a pretty sight.

So you can imagine the happy dance that I did as my kids finished school last week. I bet you did one too! I thought finally, REST!!

This week we began week one of summer break and it has not been as restful as I had hoped. I couldn’t understand why this was, after all we didn’t have a schedule to go by, no obligations to keep, so why no rest?

Matthew 11:28 says “Come to me all who are weary (me) and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest.” 

This week as I wrestled with the lack of rest I did what Matthew 11:28 said to do, I went to God. When I finally quieted my mind -I heard God say, “You are a good soldier…” I was pretty excited about the recognition I just received from God, so I basked in that moment!  After basking in that thought I focused in on what else He had to say and I heard the second time, “You are a good servant” again I basked in that recognition! I then focused again and I heard God say, “You are a good soldier, a good servant…but you are a daughter first.” At that moment I knew what the problem to my weariness and exhaustion was.


Yes, I could probably blame it on a busy schedule, but the weariness I was feeling went deeper than a physical exhaustion.

A good soldier and a good servant follow their commander and Lord and are faithful to him, but they don’t have the intimacy like a son or daughter would. I believe my Good Father was telling me, don’t forget who you originally are, don’t forget that you are more than a soldier and a servant of mine- you are my child.

Sometimes I think we prefer to be a soldier and servant. You get your orders and you do them. When you are a child, your Father is more interested in your heart. He is more concerned with your wounds and your struggles and victories. He is more interested in dealing with the issues that you would rather suppress. He is more interested in you becoming the child he knows you can become. When we come as a child we get the healing we need. We get the encouragement we needed. We get the direction we were looking for and we get the loving discipline we knew we needed.

And when a child is weary they have access to the lap and arms of their father. A child can lean their head against their father’s chest and feel his breath on their head, they can hear his heartbeat, soldiers and servants don’t have access like that.

I think about all of the days my kids have been out playing and when they are tired, the first thing they usually do is come to me, burry their head in my chest or crawl up in my lap and rest in my arms. They come to me for rest and refreshment. After all, they learned at birth that they could rest in their parents arms and get the nourishment they needed.

Why do we forget that? Yes, you and I are called to serve God, that is part of our relationship, but if we forget that we are His son’s and daughters first, we will wear ourselves out serving him because we have not taken the time to rest and get nourished. We will also begin to treat our relationship with Him more like a job than the intimacy that it is purposed for.


Are you weary? Our Father is the source of rest! He is the living water that refreshes. I want to encourage you today to just rest in Him. Just sit and be with Him. Let Him be the water for your soul!


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