Application Is Key

The first time that I got an actual “new” car I remember sitting in the drivers seat, soaking up the new car smell as I drifted off into some type of sensory overload. I was mesmerized by all the new buttons and dials, wondering what each new feature had in store for me. But as I pulled off of the car lot I became hypersensitive to every other car on the road causing me to drive more like a grandma than a 20 something year old female. I had a new car and I didn’t want anyone messing it up.

I don’t remember exactly how slow I was driving but at some point in the first 30 minutes of driving my husband turns to me and says, “We didn’t buy this thing to look at, drive Jessica!” I was shocked, he actually expected me to relax and drive my new car like it was purposed to be driven!

I laugh now, but my husband was right. Just like we didn’t buy my new car to just look at, God doesn’t give us his words to just look at either…application is always key.

When Jesus finished preaching on top of the hillside (Matthew 5-7) he said, “Everyone who hears my teaching and applies it to his life can be compared to a wise man who built his house on an unshakable foundation (7:24).

It’s not enough to just listen to God’s word we have to apply it.

I finally figured out that if I actually treated others the way I wanted to be treated with honor or respect, they typically reciprocate the gesture. Or if I waited for the Lord he really would show up!

Psalm 103:20 says,

So bless the Lord, all his messengers of power, for you are his mighty heroes who listen to the voice of his Word to do it.

We become God’s mighty, wise, messengers of power when we listen to his words to do them, not just to gain a head knowledge of him or to check the “read your bible daily” box on the church envelope.

You and I were destined and purposed to be mighty, wise messengers of power to multiply God’s kingdom. But we won’t ever fulfill that purpose if we don’t apply what he tells us.

What could change in your world if you chose to love every one of your neighbors and started praying for your enemies? Who’s life could you impact if you chose to give life through your words? Which angel could you minister to by not just giving food to the homeless but actually sitting down and having a conversation with them. Which person could you make feel normal again by looking them in the eye and asking how they were doing?

Every day we are presented with numerous opportunities to apply God’s word to our world, but application is always key. So what could you apply today?

Be blessed,


*If there is any way that I can be praying for you please don’t hesitate to send me an email. Or if you have any other thoughts to add to this post, I would love to hear them. Please comment below.


  1. Tina Casillas

    Awesome word Jess, as always! I’m so thankful that the lord gives you these messages!
    Like I said Yesterday you are on the lord’s stage shining in who He has called you to be, doing what He has called you to do. I thought about what I saw yesterday when I encouraged you, God showed me exactly what the lights around you meant. Its his joy, its the love he has for you, its his pleasure in who you are in Him, that you are not bottling up what He has given you. You are pouring into others. Then all I could hear was the song He Knows My Name.
    You are famous in your father’s eyes! If you get a chance listen to this song and the words I will forever think of you when I hear it. Love you Jessica

    • Jessica Wright

      Wow, thank you Tina! I receive that! Thank you for being a messenger of encouragement who steps out and declares what God has spoken. I feel so wrapped in love and empowered by the words you shared Thursday as well as today. You are a blessing! I do know that song and I love it so much! I always think of the story of Hagar when I hear that song, because she calls God the “God who sees me.” Isn’t he so awesome! I love you lady!

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