Bearing Witness Book Review

Recently I was given a copy of Bearing Witness provided by Fly By Promotions in exchange for my honest review. 51C0M7mo0fL._SS300_

I have always enjoyed books on Christian martyrs. I am always encouraged and challenged to consider my own relationship with God and how I would respond if I were in those circumstances. When I found out that a new book on Christian martyrs was out I was exited!

I wanted to love this book and for it to be a new recommendation to others but sadly it is not. I had a hard time enjoying the book due to the writing being dry and the stories seemed to have gaps in them. I was also disappointed with the numerous martyr stories that were missing from this manuscript. Lastly, I was not fond of the strong Anabaptist undertones in the writing.

I did appreciate the time and energy that the author Charles E. Moore put into compiling this book. I believe it is important for Christians to understand the cost of discipleship and I believe that is the reason this book was written.

All the opinions mentioned are mine alone and none of them are reflections of Fly By Promotions.

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