Being Still Even If You’re The Energizer Bunny

When I was a teenager, I remember watching the commercial for the Energizer Bunny. It was a cute bunny, wearing black sunglasses beating a drum. Energizer Batterie’s catch phrase was, “It just keeps going, and going, and going…”

Some days I feel like I have somehow taken on that Energizer Bunny mentality. I keep going and going, but unlike the bunny, I wear out.

This week I decided to slow down and intentionally unplug from my schedule, and be still. I did great for the first few days, but then I found that the hardest part of “Being still and knowing that He is God,” is being still.

Can you relate?

God tells us to “be still” and deep down we know it’s for our best interest, but it’s so hard to do. It’s not impossible, just hard.

I realized that, being still and knowing He is God, was not just about slowing down so I could learn more about God. It’s about reminding myself who is God.

So often we run at break neck speeds, doing a number of great things, but if we’re honest with ourselves, a number of our plans are just, our plans.

When we choose to change gears and slow down, we actually position ourselves to see God’s plans and blessings instead of having tunnel vision for our own plans.

When we let God be God in our lives, not only can he lead us along his path but he will restore our soul (Psalm 23). His path is not filled with stress and anxiety, it is actually filled with peace and joy.

But another reason it’s hard to be still is, often we have a heart issue that needs to be dealt with, and it’s just easier to shove it down and avoid it.

Jesus tells his disciples in John 10:10 (ESV)

I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly.

We miss out on the abundant life, a life of freedom, when we choose to just avoid the heart issues that being still with God would solve.

You have a weekend ahead of you. I want to encourage you that instead of going and doing a million this this weekend, just try to be still and know that he is God.

Unplug your phone and plug into your family. Take the time to slow down and give yourself some rest, you will be glad you did.

Be blessed and have a happy weekend…





  1. You wrote this for me, didn’t you? I am always running and doing and going and being. Too often I fail to be still. It’s an ongoing struggle, and I am so thankful that God doesn’t always wait for me to come to Him, but is willing to meet me where I am.

    • Jessica Wright

      Amen Heather! I’m so grateful for His grace to meet us where we’re at! My mentor once said, “God made us human beings, not human doings.” I’m always reminded of this when I am reminded to be still. Praying for you girl! 🙂

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