Blind As A Bat: Have you checked your vision lately?

Typically when I hear the phrase, “…as blind as a bat” I envision a Mr. Magoo type of person wearing coke bottle glasses who is talking to a light pole thinking it’s a person. But what if we applied “blind as a bat” to a person who was so self-centered that they couldn’t see anything?

Self-centeredness is a condition we usually associate children with and tend to think that maturity and time will work out of them. But have you ever found yourself turning your focus inward, so much so, that your blind to the lives of those around you? That’s self-centeredness as well.

Let’s just say I’m familiar with this mindset.

Yes, it is good and beneficial to deal with unhealthy mindsets and attitudes, but when you are consumed with the thought that there is always something wrong with you, so much so, that you’re disengaged mentally from your relationships, that is unhealthy.

I have yet to find a time that constant introspection has made me happy and confident in who I was as a wife, daughter or mother. If anything, I just saw more flaws, flaws that I just knew everyone else saw, including God. I figured that if I was seeing them, than it must be God showing them to me.

The truth is, that is not God’s nature or his heart.

Yes, Holy Spirit will reveal when our character doesn’t line up with God’s character, but He’s not thinking, “Yep, that’s another flaw to add to her list.”

The most empowering, grace filled truth that God has spoken to me over the past couple of years has been this, well done is for today.

When God spoke that truth to me, I had been working through another character flaw of mine that I just knew God was showing me, and he so clearly said, “Jessica, well done is for today. I don’t come at you with an exhaustive list of issues that you have to fix. I finished all that on the cross. You became a new person and I don’t hold into account all of your wrongs (past and present). I see the good and gold in you. My perspective of you is accurate, not yours.”

If you and I could talk face to face today, I would say this, “God’s perspective of you is far greater than what Satan wants you to know. God actually likes you! He loves you with a love that does not waver and he want’s to pour it out on you, so you can pour it out on others in your life. He looks at you and he sees his son Jesus, he doesn’t see blemishes.”

You have been given relationships that you can pour God’s love and life into, but when we become as blind as a bats, we miss out on the blessings God wants to give to you and use through you.

I heard Graham Cooke once say, “If the thoughts you’ve had are not working for you, then get a better thought.”

So, what have your thoughts been about lately? Have they been life giving to you or life draining? Are they building you up or tearing you down?

It’s our choice as to what we are going to let consume our thoughts. So if the self introspection isn’t working for you, brining you life, then you don’t have to agree with that though any longer. You can exchange that thought with God’s perspective.

Go ahead, ask Him what He thinks. He will be glad to share his affections for you.

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