Broken Cisterns Don’t Supply Refreshment

My people have committed two sins: They have forsaken me, the spring of living water, and have dug their own cisterns, broken cisterns that cannot hold water.” Jeremiah 2:13 


Last week I was gone on vacation with my family!  We had a great time playing on the lake and enjoying each others company.  Although we had a great week, I entered into the week feeling exhausted -emotionally and spiritually.  I had just finished up the rough draft of my book for the most part (yea!!)!  Although I am extremely excited about this accomplishment I am wore out! I have poured so much of my heart and emotions into every chapter of this book and God has brought so much healing to me through everything I poured out.  Although the writing process has been amazing,  pouring yourself out daily will eventually leave you empty.  Like a well that gets dry!  Don’t get me wrong, throughout the entire writing process I have come to God to pour into me, but writing takes more out of you than you can imagine.

So while I was on vacation I knew I needed to get filled.  When I was younger I didn’t know where to go to get filled or I felt I knew better than God on what would quench my thirst.  I would turn to spending time with my friends, doing something fun, like a new adventure or going out of my way to do something good for someone in need – these things usually made me feel better.  I would also spend a little bit of time reading God’s word, but I was impatient, if I didn’t feel like I was filled up on the inside within the first few minutes then I would turn to doing the things I mentioned earlier.  I just didn’t want to wait on God I thought doing all of the activities would help “supplement” the refreshment I needed.  This never went well, my supplemental source of refreshment usually just left me even more drained.

Believe it or not I feel I have matured in this area now.  Last week was so completely different from my past experiences of seeking to be filled and refreshed.  I went to God first as my source and then just stood under His refreshing water fall without being in a rush and let His presence fill me.  One day was not enough, I continued to return multiple times a day every day last week with my mouth wide open drinking from God the quencher of my thirst.

Sunday while our family was at church I found myself coming to God and saying, “I need more of you, nothing else will satisfy!”  After the service I shared with my sweet friend Kayla about how I  had emptied myself through writing and was letting God fill me, I just wanted more!  She prayed with me and said this, “Lord would you help Jessica to recognize your grace in the moment and recognize when you kiss her, loving on her and filling her.” Right then I could feel the Holy Spirit coming and filling me up some more!  It felt like a kiss of God’s spirit that warmed me to the core!  I had that feeling of peace and excitement like I do when I kiss my husband!  It was so awesome!!

Monday morning  I got up and came to sit in God’s presence and I could feel Him wrapping His arms around me!  I could feel Him kiss me and filling me with His presence and refreshing me, this time though- I could feel that I was overflowing with His presence!  That’s how God intends for us to be, filled up, running over with His presence!

I know we all get exhausted and wore out from giving of ourselves.  But what are you going to to satisfy your thirst?  Going to any source other than God to satisfy and fill you will just leave you even more empty and dehydrated.  I know it is easy to come home from an exhausting day and say, “If I could just go for a walk and clear my head I will be refreshed.”  Or, “If I could just watch my favorite TV show that will help refresh me.”  Or, “If I could just go hang out with that certain person, that will refresh me.”  Or, “If I could just go do something fun, that will refresh me.” Etc.

Please hear me, those things are not wrong at all.  But if you are going to those things and expecting them to  fill you and refresh you completely, then you will be disappointed.  Sure you will enjoy the moment, I enjoy doing all of those things, but I know that they will not give me the refreshment my soul needs.  Those other things are broken cisterns.  They cannot hold the refreshing water that you need. Jesus calls himself the “Living Water.”  He is the water that will completely fill you and refresh you!  He even says in John 4:13-14, “Everyone who drinks of this water (broken cisterns) will shall thirst again; but whoever drinks of the water that I shall give him shall never thirst; but the water that I shall give him shall become in him a well of water springing up to eternal life.” 


Only Jesus can satisfy your deepest thirst.  Are you dehydrated spiritually?  Have you been going and going, doing and doing and you are wore out and exhausted?  Come to Jesus, and just tell Him you are thirsty and you need him to fill you…then open your mouth wide and let Him fill you!  Don’t be in a rush, would you come with no intention of moving until you have been refreshed with His presence.  This is easier than you probably think it is, when you get off of work and you get in your car to go home, just stop right then and say “Jesus, I am thirsty, I need you, will you give me a drink…”  then let God supply you with the Living Water to quench your thirst!  Don’t make coming to God out to be a hard thing, it’s not!  The only thing hard about coming to God for refreshment is usually our hard heads!  Don’t be hard headed… God is there waiting to supply what your heart needs.

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