The Loose Ends: Dealing with the goals and dreams that have yet to come

As the new year began I was making plans for 2017. I was thinking about the insight and wisdom I had gained from 2016, when I realized, “I wasn’t done with 2016!” I made plans for 2016 that I realized had never happened…I didn’t even get close to starting them! Even worse some of those … [Read more…]

Are Your Christmas Traditions Life-Giving or Life-Draining?

This time of year, Christmas traditions are the one thing we all have in common. Not all of our traditions are the same, but we all have them.  There are traditions about what food should be eaten at Christmas dinner. And traditions about when and where Christmas gifts should be opened. Some families have a … [Read more…]

Joy To The World…Yes…Please!: Finding Joy During The Holidays

I love Christmas! There is so much about this time of year that makes me smile. From the music, the lights, the food and family traditions, all of it makes me giddy like a kid. But I have to confess, there are some things about this time of the year that can rob my joy … [Read more…]

5 Photographer Tips For Your Family Christmas Photos

Guest Post by Chelsea Yankie Don’t you just love the Christmas Season? I certainly look forward to the holidays as much as any of my 4 children. After our brutal Texas summers that bleed into fall we eagerly await the cold air, jolly tunes, fires blazing with stockings above, sparkling lights, and family to love. … [Read more…]

Happy Thanksgiving

As you sit down and enjoy your Thanksgiving with your family and friends, I just wanted to share with you one more thing that I am thankful for…You! I feel so blessed to have each and every one of you in my life! Thank you for your words of encouragement and your prayers! I value … [Read more…]

A Thankful Heart, Part 4: So…Why Worry?

Guest Post By Ann Moyer As I went through high school and college… more years ago than I’d like to remember… I asked the Lord to allow me to do something that would help people and at the same time give me a livable wage. You know what? He provided! Then as I worked for … [Read more…]

A Thankful Heart, Part 2: Gratitude Moments

Guest Post By Heather Hart When November rolled around this year, I wanted to be intentional about cultivating an attitude of gratitude. I watched all my friends start posting their thankful lists on Facebook, and I was tempted to join in. Another blogger shared about how she wrote down five things she was thankful for … [Read more…]

Grace on Tap: Part 2: Available Grace

I first heard the phrase “grace on tap” when I read Phillip Yancey’s book What’s So Amazing About Grace.  Yancey explains that christians have an endless supply of grace that flows to them from God and in turn should flow thru them. We have this abundant supply of grace so that we may offer grace like … [Read more…]

The Biggest Story DVD & Audio Book Review & Giveaway

Recently my family and I had the opportunity to review Kevin DeYoung’s new DVD and Audio Book called The Biggest Story: How The Snake Crusher Brings Us Back To The Garden in exchange for a my honest review. I want to start by saying. “Wow!” I am always on the look-out for a new book or video … [Read more…]

Do You Feel Like You’re Not Enough? 4 steps to get you out of the not enough rut

Have you ever believed that you were not enough, like you just didn’t measure up. This belief could pop up in your job, finances, relationships, body image, or with your own personal goals and standards? So, what was your response? Did you throw yourself into working over time to keep from hearing that phrase again? … [Read more…]