Come Up For Air

Come Up For AirRecently, while my kids were swimming, they had a competition to see who could stay under the water the longest. With each attempt they would eventually surface while gasping for air. They were doing their best to keep themselves submerged but eventually they had to make a decision, they would either come up for air or suffocate themselves. Adults act like this.

Have you ever been submerged in some kind of project or circumstance that you are just trying to get through and finish? The end is in sight and you are beyond exhaustion, but instead of stopping and taking a break you keep pushing. Why? Because you just want it to be over with! Excellence flies out the window and shoddy work enters in because we just want to be done!

Can you relate? Would you allow me to pass on some advice that my mentor shared with me?

When you are underwater and you start running out of air, your lungs will tell you to come up for air, in the same way God gives you indicators when your soul needs to come ups for air. For example, when you are in a project and you start getting this strong urge to go outside and take a walk, that is God nudging you to come up for air.

Just like my kids, if we stay submerged in a project or circumstance refusing to come up for air we will suffocate ourselves. When you start feeling exhausted, frustrated, irritable or annoyed, those are good indicators that you are getting close to suffocating!

Instead of doggedly pushing through- stop and come up for air. Do the things that are like a breath of fresh air to your soul. Each of us were created differently so our “fresh air” will look different.

Here are a few examples of fresh air:

Going on walks to enjoy creation, eating a dessert and savoring it, going horseback riding, worshiping and spending time with God, having coffee with a friend, organizing your closet, standing barefoot in the grass, sewing, getting your nails done, spending time enjoying your family, enjoying your spouse, reading, painting, mowing the yard, going on a boat ride, fishing etc.

Whatever the thing is that is life giving to you, stop, take a break, and come up for air! When you do, you will have a fresh perspective and feel energized.

God intended for you and I to live our lives abundantly -not on life-support.

…I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full John 10:10


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