Do You Entertain Much? If so who?

Due to growing up in the South, my mind typically will sway towards Southern hospitality when I think about the word entertain. I think about someone who is warm, sweet and welcoming to people who come in their home. But what if instead of thinking about entertaining in the concept of people we consider entertaining in the concept of thoughts.

What if we began to visualize our daily thoughts as people and our hearts and minds as our home?

If your thoughts showed up on the door step of your home and rang your doorbell, would you let them in? Would you entertain them?

Imagine that a big, ugly, burly, gruff looking man with no regard for personal hygiene shows up at your door wearing a name tag that says, “Hello I’m Offense.” Would you let him in?

Odds are you’d say, “No!”

But in reality offense doesn’t look repulsive it usually looks attractive and justifiable, maybe even appropriate. It’s only after offense moves in and begins to become a squatter in your home that it stinks up your life…and that’s just offense.

What about the other thoughts? Like worry, anxiety, fear, jealousy, envy, lust, shame, hate or gossip (to name a few). They don’t look repulsive either, they often seem appropriate, especially when the circumstances are right. So, what do we do? We entertain them. We let them into our hearts and we serve them something to drink while we discuss the reasons for their visit. After all, we’re being hospitable.

But here’s the problem, those thoughts don’t just come for a nice visit and leave, they come to take up residence in your heart. You didn’t see it, but they brought their bags and they already called the moving truck and told them your address so they could start unloading their things into your heart.

The good news is, you have a choice. You can choose to not open the door. I recently had the thought of worry come knocking on my heart, in the past I let it in, but this time, I saw how repulsive it was. I remembered how much damage it caused to my heart and I just said, “No, you can’t come in.”

You and I have the power to choose not to open the door to those destructive thoughts. Furthermore, if some of those thoughts have become squatters in your heart, you can tell them to leave, 2 Corinthians 10:15 encourages us to do so.

But we can’t just stop at not letting those destructive thoughts in or removing them, we have to let in the thoughts that are actually going to help us. The thoughts that are good, healthy, honorable, pure and life giving. Jesus speaks about this in Matthew 12:43-45, check it out.

When I refused to let worry in, I decided to welcome peace instead. You and I can tell offense, “No” and open our hearts to entertain understanding. We can tell hate, “No” and let love come and move in!

So what thoughts have you been entertaining? Are they life giving thoughts or destructive? If your not sure, take a look at your surroundings. Is love, peace and joy flourishing there? If not perhaps you need to do some evicting.

If your not sure how to go about “evicting” those destructive thoughts then you can take a few steps to set you off in the right direction. I do recommend seeking some Godly counsel for prayer and support, as this is a process, but these steps will get you going.

  1. Confess those thoughts to someone you know that has your best spiritual health in mind. When we confess those thoughts they begin to loose their power.
  2. Break Agreement with those thoughts and tell them to leave. This is as simple as saying, “I choose to no longer agree with offense, offense leave.”
  3. Fill Your Heart With Truth. Ask Jesus to show you truth and fill your heart with that truth. For example, “Understanding, I welcome you into my heart. Come and fill it.” (Remember, that the truth Jesus tells you will always line up with the bible, he will not contradict himself.)

Be empowered to regain the territory of your heart. Those destructive thoughts only take what we give them access to.

If there is anyway that I can pray for you or help you in evicting these destructive thoughts, please don’t hesitate to comment below.

Until next time, be blessed ~





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