Has It Become Familiar

Am I the only one who just had the sobering thought that Thanksgiving is next week? It’s like it snuck up on me! You’d think that all the pumpkins and “Happy Fall Y’all” and “Give Thanks” signs would trigger my memory, but it didn’t.

It’s not that I haven’t had a mindset of gratitude but my wake up call was found this week in a wise word that a friend shared with me years ago in a prayer, “Father, may we not let the sacred things become familiar.” 

I’m not referring to the celebration of Thanksgiving, but more along the lines of the lack of gratitude I’ve had towards the sacred relationships in my life that I can easily allow to become familiar. So familiar in fact, that I miss seeing them the way God sees them and I have an “Oh that’s just so and so…” mindset. Not really looking for anything special because they are so familiar.

Don’t get me wrong, people are important! But do you ever put people in that familiar category not really expecting anything different from them?

Jesus’s hometown stifled seeing the power of God because of familiarity. “Isn’t that just the carpenters son?” (Mark 6:4; Luke 4:24)

We each carry Christ in us (Colossians 1:27) and with that comes a special purpose and destiny, a calling and anointing to impact our world with God’s love. But I wonder how many of us are being stifled or stifling others because of familiarity?

Oh that’s just Dan the electrician,” while God sees the full potential of Christ working through Dan, ready to bring hope into the world. I don’t believe God ever says, “Oh that’s just Dan, he’s just an electrician” He sees Dan as a kingdom releaser.

We can easily make “Christ in us” just a churchy phrase rather than recognizing that our friends or family members also bring Christ into the room with us. We carry the hope of glory, and yet that has become so familiar that we miss out on what is accessible through Christ living in us. It’s kinda like we overlook the gift in the room because it looks like part of the decor.

If Jesus’s hometown would have honored him for who he was, they would have accessed the power of God. They could have encountered the power of the Living God, the very thing they had been praying for, but they missed it. “Isn’t that just the carpenter’s son?”

But if we would actively choose to see the familiar as sacred, we could position ourselves to see and experience the power of God in and through others.

So has any sacred thing become familiar in your life?

My prayer is that we would have the eyes to see people and circumstances like God see’s them. To recognize the sacred moments and relationships while we are in them.

Happy Thanksgiving,







  1. Sexy husband

    This is a great word, sometimes i think we can tell ourselves that we are just us, but God uses just us people to impact the kingdom!

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