How Did I Get Here? When Lack Takes You To Places You Never Imagined

Have you ever wondered what would make a professional athlete, at the top of his game ,throw his career away because of an addiction to cocaine? Or why a woman would throw away her marriage to a  committed, hard working, and loving  husband just for a rendezvous with some guy she met at a conference one week? Or why a church secretary would feel the need to embezzle from her church family?


We have all heard of similar stories, someone engages in an action that for the life of you just does not make sense. We are all left asking the same question, “Why?” In his book Breaking The Cycle: The Ultimate Solution To Destructive Patterns, Dr. James Richards has one idea as to why people make these types of choices.

“Mankind is on a quest for happiness, peace, and fulfillment. This desire is part of our God-given nature. God created us to live in happiness and peace. Whether you believe in God or not, you are looking for the good things of life! In the heart of every person there is a desperate longing to experience a quality of life beyond what most will ever know. For some this longing is more like a deep, unidentifiable ache or an illusive dream that lingers just beyond our conscious awareness. This vague sense of lack can drive people to commit every imaginable sin in their pursuit of happiness… It is like a search for a mysterious treasure. Every day we are driven on some level to identify and discover this nebulous source of evasive satisfaction.”

All three of the scenarios that I mentioned have this one thing in common- they all believed that they were lacking or inadequate. One felt he lacked the edge he once had as an athlete, one felt that she lacked the love she needed, and one felt she didn’t have enough. Each felt their life just didn’t seem as good as they thought it should be so they each sought out an illusive dream that they believed would make them happy. Trying to fill a void with something that only God can fill will always take us further away from our goal of happiness. That’s what I did. I believed that I was lacking in the area of love and felt that I would never be desired by anyone. So I took matters into my own hands and at the age of 16 began to engage in sexual activities just to feel loved and desired by someone. After it was all said and done, I still lacked the love I longed for.

Ever since the garden of Eden, mankind has struggled with lack. Satan got Eve to believe that she lacked. Satan told her that if she ate the fruit from the tree God told her to not eat from, then she would be like God knowing good from evil. Do you realize how outrageous Satan’s statement was? We know from Genesis 1:26 God said, “Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness…” Adam and Eve were already created in the likeness of God! Satan just crafted his words in such a way that Adam and Eve believed that that they lacked being like their Creator.

If you believe the lie that you are lacking or inadequate in any area of your life, stop, don’t take the bait! If we are left to our own devices we will seek out a cheep solution. But here is the good news, you can have freedom from those feeling of inadequacy and lack. The solution really is through Christ. Christ came to make us complete, lacking in nothing. Colossians 2:10 says, “You are complete in Him, who is the head of all principality and power.” Freedom from the feelings of lack are part of the Christians inheritance! If you don’t feel whole and complete in Christ then go to Him and ask Him to make you whole and complete. That’s one of the reasons Christ died for us, to set us free from the lies that we have believed!


Is there any area that you believe you are lacking in? Examine those thoughts, see if they line up with God’s thoughts about you. Don’t forget your inheritance in Christ, He has made you complete in Him. Don’t try to fill that void from lack with cheep imitations. Take your thoughts of inadequacy to God, ask Him to help you bring those thoughts under His authority and begin to seek out who He says you are!

To be continued…


  1. Tina Casillad

    Again, this is right on point! I’m gonna put Col 2:10 on stickies and put them on my mirrors!
    That way I read it every time I look at myself in the mirror!
    Thank you for this!!

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