Identity Theft: Have you been robbed? You may be surprised…

I remember the first time I had something stolen from me. I was in Jr. High and everyday I wore a golden heart shaped ring with a little diamond in the center of it. I was proud of my ring and admired it often. But during gym class we were not allowed to wear jewelry so I always took my ring off and placed it in a pocket on the side of my gym bag. For weeks this routine continued with no problem, until one day after practice when I went to put my ring back on and realized it was missing.

At first I thought I had just misplaced it, but after thorough searching and talking with my teammates, I realized it wasn’t misplaced, it had been stolen. I felt so violated, betrayed, foolish and naive, but the worst was feeling helpless.

You may or may not relate to my story, but I guarantee you, you’ve been robbed.

How? I’m glad you asked…

From the moment that you and I entered into this world we’ve had one person who’s main focus, has been to rob us. I’m talking about Satan, not the guy with the red suit and pitchfork. I’m talking about the thief, the father of all lies, our advisory.

The thief’s purpose is to kill, steal and destroy…John 10:10

You may be thinking, How has Satan robbed me? Well he does it in all sorts of ways, like robbing your peace through fear. He robes your hope by bombarding you with despairing situations. He’ll rob your joy, though loss and failure, or he’ll rob your innocence…just to name a few.

But one of the main things that I believe the enemy seeks to rob from everyone, is their identity. If Satan can get you and I to believe that we’re not who God says we are, or that God made a mistake with us, then he knows we won’t live the abundant life that God has purposed for us.

And don’t believe that you’re immune to this scheme if your a mature believer. If Satan attacked Jesus identity in the wilderness, then he’s gonna attack yours too. (Matthew 3:17, Matthew 4:3)

One of the hardest things to see, is Christians, who have been given a victorious life through Christ but live in defeat because their identity has been robbed. I know this, because that was me 10 years ago.

For years I listened to Satan tell me I was an unworthy, useless, shameful waste. What’s sad, is it didn’t matter that I was saved; I was suffocating under a mountain of lies that daily said things like, “You can’t really be loved by God” or “God has favorites and you’re not one of them.”

So I wonder, what lies are you believing about yourself? Do you even know? Could you even recognize them?

So after a few weeks of observing my fellow classmates, I spotted the person wearing my gold ring and when I did, I got mad. I didn’t care that this classmate was an intimidating bully, they’d taken something valuable from me, and I was gonna get it back. I maintained my composure and walked up to my classmate, looked them in the eye and asked, “Where did you get that ring?” They tried to come up with an excuse and claim their rights to my ring but ended up confessing that they had taken it out of my bag.

I had the courage and determination to find my ring, because it was mine and it was valuable to me.

Here’s the deal, if you don’t know the value of your identity in Christ or even what it is, then your not gonna miss it, let alone seek it our or fight to reclaim it.

This issue with identity theft is broad and we’re only scratching the surface, but I just want to make you’re aware of the scheme that you may be falling victim to.

So I would like to ask you, what lies have you believed about yourself? Do you know who God says you are?

If you don’t know, then I can help you with that…

  • ask God to reveal those lies to you

God will and wants to talk with you. If you are a Christian then you know God’s voice. You heard it the day you got saved. Therefore, ask him to reveal those lies, those attacks on your identity.

  •  Once He reveals them, then break agreement with that lie.

An example of that would be something like this, “I no longer agree with the lie that I’m (worthless) , I break agreement with that lie.”

  •  Once you break agreement with that lie, then ask God to show you truth. Once he does replace that lie with the truth.

For example, “I now choose to believe that I’m worthy because of Christ.”

  • Now ask him who He say’s you are and listen.

I promise you will be blown away by His response.

Next week we will dive deeper into this topic of your identity in Christ. For now though, I want to leave you with a song called All He Says I Am, by Cody Carnes and Kari Jobe, that will bless you.

Until next time…

Let me know how I can pray for you, or if you have any questions or comments I would love to hear them.

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