If I Had Known Then What I Know Now: Part 3: The Purpose of Fruit!

Trying to narrow down the “If I had known then what I know now” words, is hard! Because, if we could share those words of wisdom over a cup of coffee, I know we would not have enough coffee!

But I thought I would share with you one of the most recent nuggets of wisdom that I have placed in my treasure chest. It’s simple yet profound. Ready? The spiritual fruit I produced is purposed to feed others.

Growing up I remember while learning the fruits of the spirit (Galatians 5:22-23) seeing, in my mind, this big luscious tree, producing a bumper crop of fruit with this shining ora around it as it stood in its grandeur. It made the other trees look like shrubs …and that’s the kind of spiritual tree I wanted to be.

I would pray for the fruits of the spirit to grow and increase in my life. I would pray that the fruit produced in me would be the best kind. Coincidently, I never once thought about the purpose of the fruit.

What is fruit for? When you go to the grocery store, why do you by fruit? To eat, right! We eat fruit to get a nutritious source of energy for our bodies. We don’t buy it to look at.

Although, I confess, there’ve been seasons in my life that I’ve purchased fruit so that I would appear to be the healthy wife and mother who properly nourished her kids, with no intention of actually consuming the fruit…and so it was with my spiritual fruit.

I wanted to hoard my spiritual fruit. I wanted to have so much fruit that I would impress not only other christians, but God.

Recently, God tenderly showed me, “Jessica, the reason I want you to produce My fruit, is so you can feed others. When you do, the seed from my fruit can be reproduced in them.”

Fruit that is hoarded and never eaten, eventually goes bad. The fruit purposed to give nourishment is wasted.

Have you ever been around a person who has the fruit of love fully present in there life? When they give you love, they are letting you eat that fruit of love that grew in them. A seed of love is then placed in your heart. If you water that seed with the living water of Holy Spirit, love will grow. The same goes with joy, peace, patience etc. Christ was the perfect example of this.

But did you catch the reason I hoarded the fruit? Because I believed I had to impress God. I believed I had to win His favor so He would notice me.

If I can share any treasure with you today that would be the most helpful, it would be this: God is not looking for you to impress Him. You don’t have to vie for His attention. You have not been overlooked or forgotten.

Part of God’s nature is that He sees you! You were chosen by Him. There is no need to impress Him, you are covered/clothed in Christ so there is nothing that you can do that would trump the impression that Christ has already made!

He loves you because He just does. You don’t have to earn his love, He gives it to you freely just like all of His spiritual fruit, so you can share that love with others.

The human mindset is, “If I give away there is less for me.” But God’s currency is not of this world. He doesn’t go in the red, he never runs out. So you can give away the fruit he produces in you because He will supply you with more!

Be blessed my friends, and be generous with your fruit!


A Note From Jessica:

This month we are focusing on sharing the words of wisdom that we have learned over years  so our theme is “If I Had Known Then What I Know Now…”

So If you have some words of wisdom to share please comment below! We had some great comments over the past two weeks and I’m looking forward to learning from you too!

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