If You Wan’t To Go Deeper, Your Gonna Have To Jump!

“Set a fire in my soul, fan the flame that I can’t control, I want more of you God, I wan’t more of you…”

Were the words that I was singing this week when it occurred to me that; God is always ready to expand my capacity for Him, He is always ready to give me more of himself, but am I ready for that? I also pray words like, “I want to go deeper with you God…” these are great desires and declarations, but they are only words unless I choose to take action.

Just think, if I went to the deep end of a swimming pool and stood on the diving board and declared , “I want to go deeper in the water,” it is just a declaration, unless I jump. I cannot expect to experience the adventure and thrill of the deep unless I step off into it. The title of John Ortberg’s book If You Want To Walk On Water, You’ve Got To Get Out Of The Boat, reiterates my thoughts.images-11


I believe many of us stand at this point wanting to go deeper but something keeps us from taking the plunge. It could be the thought of giving up control that stops us, for some it may be fear (that one has been my  struggle). While others stand on the side not wanting to relinquish their comfort or the familiar to take the plunge. We all have something.

So what takes us from declaration to experience- faith and trust. Stepping off in to the deep requires complete abandonment of control and fully trusting God and His purposes! Before you respond with, “Eek, that’s scary!” remember who you are wanting to go deeper with. God will not abandon you. He is not waiting to pull the rug out from underneath you. He is a Good Father! He is faithful! He is our firm foundation! He is our Rock, our Strong-tower of refuge, our mighty Champion, our Deliverer! He is the God of miracles! You can trust Him and His plans! He want’s to take us deeper, but He also wants hearts that are willing to go deeper! He’s not going to shove us in, He is gentle.

I am proposing this, that if you and I want to go deeper with God, let’s not just stand on the side and declare it, let’s jump in! I know the side is familiar and feels safe, but after a while the side gets old. You and I were made for so much more and our relationship with God is meant to grow- not become stagnant. So what are you missing out on because you are not jumping in? God is faithful! He is not going to let you drown, you can trust that whatever He is calling you to- it is for your good.


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