Is It Really That Important?

Don’t you think it’s funny how the gauge for somethings importance is all about perspective?is-it-6

“Is it really that important?” is the question I usually ask my kids when I am in the middle of an important task and they ask me to stop what I am doing to come and do their request. Of course, in their minds, whatever they ask is important to them, but I don’t seem to have the same perspective that they do.

What’s really funny, is how I can look at their request and rank it lower on the importance scale, while the things I deem as “important” really are important…or so I think.

It’s all about perspective.

I am bringing this up because, this week I was studying the story of Martha and Mary –again. Yes, I have written other post about this story, but I keep coming back to it. God’s word is living, so I learn something new every time, but the question “Is it really that important?” keeps me coming back to this story.

In Luke 10:41 Jesus ask Martha the same question:

Martha, my beloved Martha. Why are you upset and troubled, pulled away by all these distractions? Are they really that important? Mary has discovered the one thing most important by choosing the most beautiful place of sitting at my feet. She is undistracted, and I wont take this privilege from her. (The Passion Translation)

I admit it, I get distracted.

I get distracted with who likes what on Facebook and Instagram, getting craft ideas that I never do off of Pinterest. I get distracted listening to the other conversation going on across the room rather than being in the conversation right in front of me. I get distracted when I become obsessive about my house being clean (that is a post in an of itself), taking care of daily chores and responsibilities, etc. Although, none of these things are evil, but when I let them become distractions they become problems.

When I do get distracted, I find that I’m irritable and tense, I become more reactive than proactive in my parenting and frankly, I’m just not any fun to be around.

Do you struggle like I do?

Do you find yourself starting out the day with the good intentions of being fully engaged in your life, then the next thing you know you have missed another moment because of distractions? What frustrates me the most is how quickly it can happen.

 I have found that, at the root of all distractions there is a inappropriate value being placed on something that is truly worthless. If anything, distractions eclipse the truly valuable.

Jesus told Martha that Mary had discovered the one thing that was most important — Mary had vision for what was valuable, she had the right perspective.

It’s not that Martha didn’t have eyes to see what was valuable, after all, she was trying to serve Jesus, but Martha let distractions dictate her perspective to the point that she was missing a valuable moment.

But Jesus, in his grace, reveals the valuable things to Martha. He could’ve left her distracted but he opened her eyes to what was truly

I feel like that is what I need, and maybe you do to…a change in perspective and some grace.

We need Jesus, and his grace, to come and help us see the things that are truly valuable. We need to expose the unimportant things that we have inappropriately deemed as important.

But this is not a vision change that we can muster up out of our own strength, believe me, I have tried. The good news is God will provide for us all the vision that we are willing to receive through the Holy Spirit.

And when we find ourselves with our vision clouded with distractions, we have got to give ourselves some grace and keep coming back to God for his perspective.

So my prayer for you and me is this:

Jesus, would you give me vision to see things like you do? I’m sorry for when I have placed value on worthless things. Will your change my heart and perspective to one that values what you value. ~Amen

What do you do to help reset your focus when you have become distracted?

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  1. Ann Moyer

    Jess, great post! You know how practical and to the point I am. Generally I say short prayers just like what you posted to ask God to help me get focused again. At church, Mrs. Ruby passes out sermon notes every week. Instead of following the notes on the paper, I take notes on my phone… Just type all I can into a new Note and save the notes when the sermon is over. I can manage that with my Bible in my lap and flipping here and there when Mike instructs. Sometimes in the past the message became background noise as my mind wandered to responsibilities that could not be accomplished during that hour anyway. Sometimes that still happens, but most of the time I can focus on what is important. Many times I still fall short all the way around. As Mike says: It’s about direction, not perfection!

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