Learning How To Breath Underwater!

I had a dream last week that I had fallen into a deep pool.  I know how to swim but in this dream as I was working to swim back to the top I realized my efforts were futile.  The harder I fought to get to the surface the further I sank into this pool.  I could see the surface getting further away.  At this point I see this hideous monster laying in the bottom of this pool and it’s eyes are fixed on me.  I begin to panic and worry that I was about to drown or get eaten.  My lungs were burning for fresh air and I could feel myself becoming weak.  I knew if I took a breath underwater I would be dead and if I stayed there any longer  I would be eaten, yet I could not resist.  I gave in and took a breath expecting to drown but to my surprise I realized I could breath underwater.  I was taking in breath after breath like I was always meant to breath underwater.  Suddenly I had this new strength fill my body as I was able to thrust myself upward to the surface and escape the monster.

I often have vivid dreams and most of them have meanings to them and others are just silly dreams.  This one though I could tell had a meaning.  So the next morning when I woke up I was thinking about this dream.  I spent some time reading my bible and praying and still thinking on what this dream could mean.  I then picked up the book that I had been reading called “Birthing The Miraculous” by Heidi Baker.  By the way this is a wonderful book to read, if you haven’t read it, you need to!!

Anyway, I was reading where I had left off the day before.  Heidi was asking in her book, “How deep are you willing to go with God?”  She was describing how God had called Ezekiel to go to a river that was too deep to cross that nobody had ever crossed (Ezekiel 47:3-5).  Heidi said, “The current was too powerful and the waters were too high for Ezekiel to have any stability besides the Lord.”  Ezekiel could have just stayed ankle deep or knee deep in the water but he would still have been in control.  Heidi points out that God wanted Ezekiel to completely surrender to Him and stop seeking to have control so Ezekiel would have to go out into the water that was too deep for him.

Do you ever feel like Ezekiel?  I do!  There are times when God is calling me to  His plans and His purposes and I want to obey, but I realize that my obedience has to be coupled with complete surrender.  I have to trust Him and His plans and let go of trying to control my circumstances.  I have control issues.  I don’t like to be out of control and I don’t like feeling like I am in over my head in any circumstance.

On the next page I read this, “God is calling us to be a people who can breathe underwater.  We have kept our heads above water long enough.  Being in over our heads and out of control is precisely what He wants.”

Jesus is the Living Water.  When we completely trust Jesus the living water we will be in over our heads – plunged deep into the Living Water.  We lose all control and it is then that the Holy Spirit will teach us how to breath underwater.


Losing control is scary.  Breathing underwater is foolish in our natural world.    But to apply the same concepts of the natural world to the spiritual realm is suffocating what God can and will do in your life.

Look at your life, what are you in over your head about?  Where do you feel yourself sinking and about to drown or be consumed by a “monster” as you are fighting for control?  Is it your finances?  Is it in your marriage?  Is it with an addiction?  Is it with your children?  Is it with a sickness?  Is it the future?

We all have areas that we are working to control.  We can see the “monster” our worst case scenario and we are doing everything in our power to keep that scenario from happening.  We feel like we will do the best job of handling our own situation.  Yet the tighter our control grasp becomes the more damage we are doing to ourselves and our loved ones.  God is inviting you and me to live a life of trust in Him, laying aside all of our control.

Heidi also shares in her book, “We were created to breath in His realm.  We can be permanently immersed in the glory of His love.  We simply have to drown.”  She means this, we have to die to the idea that we are in control.


I realized last week that God was speaking to me about trusting Him and to not fight being completely submersed in Jesus losing all control.  I desire to go deeper with God yet to lose all control and trust Him is scary.  Just like my dream the more I wrestled to get to the top so I could breath and control my outcome the more I sank.  I just knew I was finished but the second I took the first breath underwater and died to having anymore control, I was able to breath and was filled with strength to get away from the monster in my dream and strength to swim to the surface.  What’s funny is in my dream the monster never came after me, I just assumed that it was going to eat me.  Isn’t that also how it is with the scenarios we are trying to control.  They have not happened but we just assume they will so we fight even harder for control.

What would things be like for you and me if we would just trust Jesus’s control instead of our own control?  What would it look like for you to let the Holy Spirit teach you how to breath underwater, completely trusting Jesus plans?

I wan’t to leave you with one last quote from Heidi’s book, “I feel that the Lord is inviting us into a place we have been afraid to live in- the supernatural realm of His kingdom, where His manifest presence surrounds and holds us like water in the ocean’s depths… We are called to be more than a people who can dive for brief periods but have to keep popping up our heads trying to figure it all out.  We have to be able to breath in His atmosphere without coming up for the world’s air.”  We have to learn how to breath underwater!

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