Our Father’s Memory

A few months ago God gave me a promise that both of my children would come to receive Him as their savior. Within a few weeks I was able to see this promise be fulfilled! Sunday our precious girl decided she was ready to get baptized! It was a beautiful, amazing joy filled night. As I went to bed that Sunday evening my heart was elated thinking about how amazing it was to see my little girl be plunged under the water and raised up, symbolizing the work God had done in her life; only then to see her standing there with a glow as she was wrapped up in that white robe – reflecting accurately God’s cleansing work in every sinners life. I was thinking, “That is a glorious memory I will never forget!” It was in that moment that God spoke to me and said, “I still enjoy thinking about the day you got baptized.”

I was blown away to think that God still reminisces over the work He has done in my life. Not only does He know the plans He as for His children but He also spends time just reminiscing about their lives! I don’t know why that would surprise me, because God tells us in Psalm 139:17-18 that His thoughts of us outnumber the grains of sand. Why wouldn’t the memory of the day His children got baptized be within the numerous other thoughts He has about us. He loves His creation and loves the memories He has made with us!

God has seen every moment in our lives, from conception until the day we die. He knows all of the bad moments and all of the wonderful moments and the truth is He has been there for every one of those moments. He has seen the journey you and I have walked and knows the memory of the days we have been so distant from Him and the days we have been so near to Him. His heart breaks in our brokenness and His heart rejoices in our victories. So why wouldn’t He look at the spectrum of my life and yours and enjoy those memories. Just like a parent reminiscing over the memories made with their child, I believe God does the same with you and me.


I feel that as Christians, if we are not careful, we can believe the lie that God has forgotten about us. Or that we are not that special to Him to gain His attention. Or we believe that we are a disappointment to Him because of our failures, therefore we are like the black sheep who He would rather not think about. This is simply not true.

God sees all you have done, but He also sees all you can be. He loves the memories He has of you, because you are one of His wonderful creations. Furthermore, He also see’s Christ-His beautiful, spotless, righteous Son living in you. He sees the work that Christ can and will do through you if you will let Him. You, child of God, are the apple of your creators eye! He has not forgotten about you.

Every single moment you are thinking of me! How precious and wonderful to consider, that you cherish me constantly in your every thought! O God, your desires toward me are more than the grains of sand on every shore! When I awake each morning You’re still thinking of me. Psalm 139:17-18 (The Passion Translation)


Today I want to encourage you to spend some time with God. Go to that place where you and Him can be alone and spend time with Him.  I encourage you to begin to view Him as the loving, compassionate and accessible parent that He is. Don’t be afraid. Go to Him today, crawl up in His lap and let Him love on you. Don’t forget that as a child of God you are worthy to crawl up in His lap. I also want to challenge you to go a step further, ask God to show you His favorite memory of you. Then ask God, “Why that is His favorite memory?” Sit and listen to what He says, you will not be disappointed!


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