Part 2: How Did I Get Here? When Lack Takes You To Places You Never Imagined

This week I want to go a little deeper into the tangled web of lack. Last week we realized that when people make poor life choices that leave us asking, “Why?” the root of the why is found in believing in the lie of lack. But before a person engages in such shocking actions, we have to realize that they first came to a place where they believed that sin would fill their void caused by lack.

Believe it or not, any person who is trying to fill a void caused by lack didn’t just wake up one morning and say, “Oh no, it looks like this month is going to be tight, I better pull some money out of this weeks bank deposit at church!” Or, “I don’t think anyone will love me so, I’m going to go sleep around with as many people as possible, that will fix it!”


No, usually dotted along the path to try to “fix” the areas we lack in, are numerous other band-aid solutions that have proved to be inadequate. In turn our solutions become more elaborate and more extreme getting us closer to that scandalous action that no one would have ever associated us with.

Dr. James Richardes says in his book Breaking The Cycle, The Ultimate Solution to Destructive Patterns“We don’t commit sin to create problems. We commit sin to solve problems. The emotional state that so distorts our thinking is simply the state of lack.”

If the person who is struggling financially was able to step back and see (with clarity) the consequences to their concocted solution, time in prison for embezzlement and damaged relationships with loved ones, do you think they would keep trying to solve their problem of lack on their own? I would hope not- nobody wants to ruin their life like that. Instead, lack distort’s your thinking so much so, that a sin that you would never imagine committing actually appears to be your best solution and you are blind to any of the consequences of your choice. To quote Dr. Richards,

“Satan doesn’t need you to deny Jesus in order to destroy you. All he needs is for you to believe the that what Jesus has given is not enough.” That is the lie of lack- that somewhere or somehow on your path of life, Jesus has short changed you. If that is what you believe, then let me say this, Jesus the one man willing to die for the sake of your wholeness didn’t hold anything back from you.

Through Jesus death, burial, and resurrection we were made complete, lacking nothing, a new creation. James 1:4 says “…that you may be perfect and complete lacking nothing.” Lack is not the believers inheritance. If you or someone you know is walking down this path of lack, placing band-aid solutions over that void, then may your focus turn to the finished work of Jesus and back to your identity in Him. Your sense of wholeness and completeness is found at the source of Jesus and His finished work on the cross.

To be continued…

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