Part 4: What Lens Are You looking Through, Lack or Truth?

My son came to me one day with this discouraged, defeated look on his face. He had been made fun of at school and the words that were spoken to him cut him deeply. As he sat with me and proceeded to tell me all the mean words that were said, words that were trying to identify him as someone he was not, I got angry. I didn’t just get angry because I have a bit of a momma bear streak in me, but I was angry because my son was believing the words of some kid trying to identify him as something he was not! All I knew to do was to tell my son who I knew he was, and remind him that I have known him far longer and have spent more time with him than his classmate, therefore my words were more accurate.

As I thought about that moment I realized that is how God feels about us when the enemy tells us we are different than who God knows we are.

In Christ you are holy, flawless and restored (Colossians 1:21-22). When you read that statement what is your response? Do you agree or disagree? Now if I were to say, “You are not who God says you are. Therefore you do not have what God say’s you have,” what would be your response? Would you agree or disagree with that statement?


Both of these statements are identities we have a choice to believe each and every day about ourselves. One is the truth and the other is a lie. The belief of one choice will draw you in to a deeper relationship with God. The belief of the other choice will drive a wedge between you and God and lead you down a path of lack. Look back at those two identities and which one do you find yourself believing? I know the churchy answer is “we believe in what Christ tells us we are,” but deep down do you really believe that? If yes, then you don’t need to read anymore of this post, I hope you have a blessed day! If no, then proceed.

In part 2 of this series I shared that the lie, “You are not who God says you are. Therefore you do not have what God says you have,” is the key lie that the enemy uses to get Christians to believe that they are inadequate, lacking or unworthy. This lie is the one that alienates your mind from the life and promises of God. This is the lens that they enemy is constantly trying to get us to look through to view ourselves.

God’s view of us is completely different from our own viewpoint. It is different not only because He created you but because of Christ. When you have Christ living within you, your identity becomes enveloped in Christ. No longer dose God look at you and see the sinner, instead when God looks at you He sees holy, flawless Christ in you. So when God’s word say’s you are “holy, flawless and restored” that is only because of who Christ is. When you have Christ living in you, you take on Christ’s identity. You become righteous before God.

Do you want to know something else? The enemy also sees who you are in Christ, that is why he is so intent on trying to convince God’s children that they are not who God says they are.

On one occasion Jesus was approached by a blindman who wanted to be healed. Jesus put His spit on the mans eyes and lays His hands on the blindman. Jesus ask the man, “Do you see anything?” The man looked up and said, “I see men, walking around and they look like trees.” Jesus then laid his hands on his eyes, and the man began to see everything clearly.

When you and I are letting the enemy define the viewpoint of ourselves we are just like a blind man. We are  blind to the reality of who God says we are. Sometimes our vision is so muddled with the lies we have believed are only blurry inaccurate images of who we are- they are far from the clear viewpoint of God. You and I need the spittle (spiritual Visine) of Christ to help us see clearly who God says we are.

When the enemy tries to convince us that we are not who God says we are, not only do we take those thoughts captive but we also have to let Gods word clarify our viewpoint of who we really are. Knowing your identity because of Christ is what let’s you and I live in the freedom that we were created to live in and keeps us from believing the lie of lack.



    • Jessica Wright

      Thank you Laci! Hey and sometimes we need a friend to help squirt that spiritual Visine in there!

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