Sharing Secrets With God

There’s a private place reserved for the lovers of God, where they sit near Him and receive the revelation-secrets of His promises.  Psalm 25:14 (The Passion Translation)

In order for you to tell anyone your secrets there has to be some key qualities in tact. The person you tell your secrets to has to be someone you trust, someone who will keep your secrete confidential, someone you feel safe with, someone who you can be transparent with, someone that will be honest, someone who whats the best for you and will tell you what you need to hear not what you want to hear.

These qualities go both ways.  If you expect these qualities from a friend you have to return these same qualities to them.  I have about five friends that I can be this way with, but the two people that I can be completely and absolutely transparent with is God and my husband. Going even further I would have to say God is even closer, because I talk with Him about everything even before I talk to my husband.

I call God, “Daddy.”  Every morning when I get up and come to my Daddy I feel I carry out the same actions my son and daughter do when they wake up each morning.  My kids will come walking into the living room, where I am usually at, and in there half awake voice they say, “Morning Mommy,” as they curl up in my lap for a few minutes for me to hold them.  In the same way, I do my sleepy walk through the house with my eyes squinted, looking to go to my special place with Daddy and curl up in His lap with His word.  I can envision His lap that welcomes me daily. I then bury my head into His chest and I can feel His breath warming me to my core.  Peace washes over me, joy begins to bubble up with in me and a I can feel His invitation for me to pour my heart out to Him.


I tell my Daddy good morning and that I love Him.  I tell my Daddy the worries that I have been wrestling with. I tell Him the things that have hurt me. I tell Him the things I did that embarrassed me. I tell Him when I fall flat on my face. I tell Him about my fears. I tell Him when I am mad and why I am mad.  I tell Him about my dreams. I tell Him the things that I love. I tell Him my favorite things. I talk to Him about my husband and kids, I tell Him everything, I tell Him my secrets! Daddy allows me to come just as I am and does not shudder at my coming. He welcomes me to come, I am never and inconvenience to Him!

Above all of my gushing the thing I treasure the most is when I listen and hear what my Daddy has to say! I love hearing what makes His heart jump. I love that He tells me what hurts His heart. I love it when He tells me how much He adores my Husband. I love hearing what His favorite things are about my kids. He talks with me about my friends and reminds me how blessed I am to have each of them and what He loves about them. He gives me wisdom for the day, He encourages me.  He reminds me who I am in Him and He reminds me of how He loves me! He reminds me of His promises He has for me and He shows me the path that I will be best for me. He tells me things that are just for me to hear and things that are for others to hear as well.

Sitting in God’s lap is a safe place. It’s a place that allows you and me to be completely transparent with Him and to ourselves. We don’t have to hide anything from Him or put on any mask. Sitting in God’s lap and sharing secrets is not just for me it is for you as well. He invites you and me to come daily and just sit with Him as a friend.

He longs to be intimate friends with you and me! God sees you exactly how you are! Furthermore, He loves you exactly how and where you are. He sees the addict in their addiction. He sees the depressed in their pain. He sees the lost in their wonderings. He sees the captive in their chains. He sees the marriage with it’s hurts and wants to bring healing. He sees the lonely and gives companionship. He sees EVERYONE of these and His heart is moved to compassion.  His lap is big enough for all of these to come to Him.

Please hear me, there is noting that you have done that disqualifies you from coming to His lap and pouring your heart out to Him.  The great news is, that God is the One True God who will stoop down and pick us up from wherever we are.  We don’t have to go through a list of religious acts to make ourselves “worthy” enough to come to Him.  He is the Perfect Father.  When He sees us reach out to sit in His lap, He in turn reaches down to pick us up and put us in His lap. The moment that you come to Him is the moment He will  bring you to a place of hope, of joy and of peace.

God longs to tell you His revelation-secretes of promise. He longs to tell you the promises He has for you! He longs to hold you and lavish His love on you because He made you and loves His creation! Come to Him with ears ready to hear what He has to say. When you do, you will rimages-28ealize His secretes and promises are far better than you could ever imagine.

Go to your Perfect Father today and sit in His lap and be blessed by what you hear Him saying! I bet His first words will be “I love you.”


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