Take The Shot: What’s holding you back?

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. — Wayne Gretzky

This quote has been on my mind lately. Fear is often what paralyzes us from taking those shots in life, but have you ever considered that obliviousness could be another culprit?

I’ve been trying to be more intentional about sharing God’s love whenever and wherever I go, whether that’s at the grocery store, the park or a restaurant. I’m not talking about handing people a gospel tract. I’m taking about engaging with people and seeing how I can show them God’s love.

In the past I’ve let fear keep me from approaching people with God’s love out in public. I had no problem doing that at church but make it public and all these fearful thoughts would arise, What if they yell at me and tell me to leave them alone, or What if they are some con artist who will only use me…etc. 

But where fear used to be my hangup I’ve now found that obliviousness has replaced it.

Recently I was headed into town to do some shopping and was asking God if he would bring someone in my path that was in a wheelchair so I could pray for their healing. I had a few stores to stop at so I figured my chances were highly probable. So while walking through the first store my focus was set on finding that person in a wheelchair. Needless to say, I didn’t see anyone in a wheelchair so I proceeded to the next store which was Hobby Lobby (that’s an important detail). I entered the store with my mind fixed again on looking for the person in a wheelchair until I got to the Christmas decorations section! I was memorized by the selection of cute and colorful decor and the 50% off sale that I drifted off into my own little world. As I was imagining where I could put a few of those decorations and comparing prices I became oblivious to anyone else on the asile with me. Sure enough, I heard a lady say, “Excuse me,” I stopped just long enough to glance at her and move over so she could pass in front of me and then I continued shopping. Upon my drive home I started talking with God again and asked, “How come you didn’t bring me anyone in a wheelchair to pray for today, I just knew you were going to?” Then I heard, “I did. You moved out of her way at Hobby Lobby when you were comparing prices.” My mind flashed back to that moment and there she was, a brunette woman in her 40’s wearing a blue shirt with her Christmas decorations sitting in her lap as she rolled her chair past me.

I missed her. I was oblivious to the opportunity, the shot, that was right in front of me.

Is fear or obliviousness causing you to miss the shots that are right in front of you? For the sake of love would you be willing to take the shot and try?

Could we be willing to leave the results up to God and just choose to love in whatever way he prompts us to? Whether that is giving a meal or money to the one that is homeless or having an eye to eye conversation with the one society has dehumanized. Or maybe it’s praying for the God of miracles to do what He does best, and heal the woman in the wheelchair.

My prayer has now shifted to this and you’re welcome to join me,

God would you help me to recognize, in the moment, the opportunities to love others, regardless if it’s inconvenient or unconventional. And would you empower me with your love, because your love cast out all fear, and your love is attentive to all. Help me to see people like you see them, and circumstances like you do, so I can love like you love.

Be Blessed,


I always enjoy hearing from you! So if you have any helpful insight or anything you need prayer for, please comment below.


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