The Heart Of Leadership: Guest Post by Arnita Willis Taylor

Leadership proves to be one of my favorite topics to study, observe, and help others to understand. At a very base level, great leadership involves helping others succeed at a goal, assignment, or desire. Leaders come alongside you to help you progress through assignments in a successful manner. An effective leader’s goal is to help others win! The interesting part of leadership demands understanding: leaders and followers operate together with give and take. In other words, sometimes you lead: other times you follow.

In reflecting on the story of David and Jonathon in First Samuel 16-20, I would love to offer you perhaps an additional perspective. The story clearly shows Jonathon understood the power and importance of his friend, David. He witnessed the supernatural hand of God on David’s life as he continued to slay any challenge placed in his way. The irony in this story, in my opinion, God places Jonathon in a leadership role to help David navigate successfully! Let us examine. Jonathon led like a boss! He gave good sound counsel. He demonstrated epic servant leadership. He prioritized doing the right thing over loyalty to his father, King Saul.

Jonathon utilized his interior proximity to his father to help give David directions. The inside intelligence insured the preservation of David’s life and legacy. Effective leaders tend to give sound, factual advice. At any point, Jonathon could have chosen to intentionally sabotage David, yet he did not, directly helping David win! In this case, win translates into literally his life and future purpose. Jonathon epitomized servant leadership. He remained attentive to serving the needs of David. He assures David “whatever thou desirest, I will even do it for thee.” Great servant leaders exist to make the lives of others connected to them better by intentional solicited actions. They understand this pure support directly contributes to another’s success. Winning!

In addition, Jonathon prioritized doing the right thing over the loyalty to his family. Every great leader will come to a fork in the road when doing the right thing versus loyalty to others presents. Wow, it is quite a conundrum! Jonathon navigates this challenge with wisdom. A number of times he inquires of his father, “what is David doing to offend or sin against you?” When Saul is unable to deliver a reasonable response, Jonathon makes a courageous decision to pursue what he defined as right over loyalty. He found no reason David should die at the hand of his father and acted to prohibit that reality.

Therefore, perhaps you have never considered this perspective on Jonathon, but what about looking at your own life? Can you identify divine relationships in your life? God positions us in the lives of others to lead them through maybe one event, like a crisis, a relationship challenge, a bad day, or an area of growth that is needed. Your presence in their lives may actually save their lives, or be an answer to a prayer! Maybe, you are in another’s life to serve a need, to help them improve their lives. In my life, I find few occurrences more joyful and fulfilling than serving people in same ways Jonathon did. I hope you will reflect on the heart of this matter and align with Jonathon. God blesses every life giving contribution you give to others!

God Bless!



A Word From Jessica:

Thank you Arnita for being so generous in sharing your wisdom and insight. Don’t forget to check out Arnita’s  social links listed in her bio below! She’s a deep well of a woman that you will want to get to know!

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Arnita Willis Taylor, M.T. (ASCP), MSL

Wise, witty, balanced, practical, resourceful, passionate, and fun, Arnita relates to many diverse people. Meeting and accepting them as they are, she is devoted to helping people maximize their potential. She has an inspiring way of passionately equipping people as a leader, minister, and coach.

Arnita Taylor graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology from the University of Tennessee- Knoxville and a Master of Science in Leadership with a leadership development focus from Walden University. She has served as Associate Pastor of Women’s Groups at Gateway Church in Southlake, Texas. She frequently hosts community bible studies and growth oriented small groups to develop others. Arnita is a sought after local and regional conference speaker She is a passionate insightful communicator for workshops, retreats, and other events to enrich and empower women to pursue their God- given uniqueness and destinies! Her desire to minister in diversified ministry settings and audiences has allowed her to minister across racial, denominational, and gender lines.

She is a leadership development specialist and the founder of EIGHT Ministries now EIGHT Leadership Development Group. EIGHT is committed to equipping and developing leadership and helping people grow. EIGHT serves leaders by assisting individuals, teams, organizations, and leader groups. This includes training, consulting, coaching, mentoring, facilitating small groups, and speaking in all areas of Leadership Development. Sample topics include Discovering Your Leadership Style, Building Emotional Intelligence, Developing Cross-Cultural Leadership Strategies, and Leading with Boundaries.

She is most passionate about her family. At home, she is the wife of 29 years to Michael and the proud and grateful mother of two sons, Evan and Nolan.

You can connect with Arnita on her  Website , Facebook or Twitter









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