The Short End Of The Stick

This week I was reading through Hosea (if you have not read this book in the Old Testament, I highly recommend it). I have read this book numerous times and although I gain new insights each time I read it, I still have this one thought that consistently comes to mind, “Hosea got the short end of the stick.”The Short End Of The Stick

Let me give you some background on the story so you can understand my thought. Hosea was a prophet who loved God and served Him with an unwavering heart. The first word Hosea ever hears from God is, “Go marry Gomer the prostitute.” Now, I am sure Hosea had envisioned the type of woman he would love to marry one day with qualities like, faithful, kind, generous, tender, compassionate and trustworthy – I don’t believe prostitute was on the list. Regardless, Hosea marries Gomer the prostitute. Is she faithful? No. Is she trustworthy? No. After marrying Hosea, Gomer goes back to being a prostitute and gets pregnant by two different men which Hosea raises. Now, wouldn’t you agree that Hosea got the short end of the stick?

This story has always seemed so unfair to me- Hosea deserves better, right? I know this story is to symbolize our relationship with God and how we like Gomer keep running back to sin and playing the harlot while God remains faithful, but this week, I saw something different.

As I was reading though Hosea and thinking through my old opinions, I heard God say, “You think Hosea got the short end of the stick with Gomer, but you forget that I love Gomer as much as I love Hosea. Gomer is valuable to me – just like Hosea. That is My grace. I Am Grace. When you think Hosea got the short end of the stick you devalue Gomer. Devaluing Gomer is the tactic of Satan. People are valuable to Me. You have to start seeing people like I do. Don’t let the enemy dictate your perspective. You are my child, therefore, follow after your Daddy’s example.”

Devaluing, is when we look at one of God’s creations and no longer see them as a creation of God but instead we only see flaws. By having the mindset that “Hosea got the short end of the stick” said a lot about how I valued Gomer and a lot about what I thought about Gomer’s Creator. But wait…I would never think that God created something of no value…but I did.

When you and I look at people, God’s creation, and all we can see is their flaws or what makes them different from us, we devalue them. Our devaluing of people says a lot about our attitude towards the Creator.

Please hear my heart, you and I have got to align our value system up with God’s value system. We have got to transform our minds to see people the way God see’s them. When Jesus died on the cross, He looked at all of humanity and called them the “joy that was set before Him.” Jesus didn’t say, “Man, Dad, you gave me the short end of the stick.” No, we are the joy He was willing to die for. All people are valuable to God, we can no longer afford to place value on people due to their skin color, economic status, or moral flaws.

If we are going to be Christ to a lost and dying world, then we had better align our values up with His.

Prayer: Father, I ask, that you would change our hearts. Please forgive us for devaluing your creation? Please give us Your vision, help us to see people like You see them. Would you expand the capacity of our hearts to love others the way You do, especially the ones that are different than us. Father, would you align our values with Your values, so that we can be the gateway that let’s your Kingdom lose in the lives of those around us. Thank you Father for your love, grace, and mercy that has no limitations! We love you Father. Amen

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