The Waves And Wind Still Know His Name

So let go my soul and trust in Him, the waves and wind still know His name… It is well with my soul.  -Kristene DiMarco


These are the words to Kristene DiMarco’s song It is Well, these are also the words that were running through my mind last Wednesday as I was watching the creek behind our house turn into a river as it rose up closer to our house.  The dried up creek bed where my husband was standing and carrying my kids to the other side a few weeks ago, was now overflowing.  Up until 3 weeks ago we have been in a drought for 5 years where I live.  The lakes close to us were at 8% full and 20% full three weeks ago.  I am quite aware that all of the storms have caused damage in some fashion to a lot of individuals personal property, but when I look at the lake levels three weeks ago and look at them today, which the 8% is now at 100% and the 20% is now at 58%, I am overwhelmed with joy!

I know in the above song I quoted that Kristen is talking about life’s storms, but last Wednesday I took it literally.  We had gotten so much rain that our property, which is not in a flood plain, was now flooding.  At 6:00 am last Wednesday the water was about 30 ft from our back door.  Panic set in!  We were suppose to get 4 to 6 more inches of rain within the next two days!  We were too late for flood insurance,  and we were scrambling trying to figure out what we needed to do next.  Sandbags?  A dam?


In that moment the words, “let go my soul and trust in Him, the waves and wind still know His name, ”  came to my mind.  The water that was flowing up to our house, the rain that was coming down and the wind that was blowing all had a Creator. I had forgotten that all of these were subject to their Creator.  We had been praying for five years that God would send rain and break the drought, we had been fasting for three years that He would break the drought,  the water was and is subject to Him, and now He was breaking the drought!

In that moment my heart was filled with awe and wonder of God’s goodness and faithfulness!  I began to worship God!  I was standing out at the waters edge and just began shouting out this wild joyful shout of gladness!  You know the shout I am talking about, that victorious shout, that causes us to be undignified in our outward appearance!  The shout of joy that causes you to produce dance moves that no one has ever seen before!  I’m fairly certain I scared our neighbors.  I didn’t care though, God was coming and showing Himself mighty, and I had a confidence that the water was listening to God.  The water was going exactly where it needed to go and doing exactly what it needed to do.  The moment I began to trust Him and worship Him I was filled with peace!

Yesterday I read Psalm 28:7-8 in the Passion Translation and I want to share with you what it said.  “You are my Strength and my Shield from every danger.  When I fully trust in you, help is on the way.  I jump for joy and burst forth with ecstatic, passionate praise!  I will sing songs of what you mean to me!  You will be the inner strength for all your people, The Mighty Protector of all; The saving strength for all your anointed ones.”

Look back at that passage and look at the names of God in this piece of scripture.  “my Strength,” “my Shield,” and “The Mighty Protector.”  That is who God is!  He is your Strength, your Shield and The Mighty Protector!  Do you know that today?  In the midst of your trial, your storm, whether it is a physical storm or emotional storm, do you know that is who God is for you!  When we call out to God and ask for help in the midst of those storms He is the one that wraps around you and shields you, protecting you, picking up the pieces, and providing peace and strength!

The storms that we go through are subject to God, don’t lose sight of that.  The waves and wind still know His name, they don’t forget who God is and the strength and the authority He has.  In Matthew 8:23-27, Mark 4:37-41 and Luke 8:22-25 you can read about when Jesus and his disciples were out on the sea and a ferocious storm whips up and waves were crashing over the side of the boat that was  beginning to sink while Jesus is asleep in the stern of the boat.  The disciples are terrified they just know they are going to die so they finally wake Jesus up.  In Mark the disciples actually say, “Teacher, do You not care that we are perishing?”  The disciples just know this is the end and they cannot believe that Jesus is sleeping through this terrible storm.  Once they wake Jesus,  He stands up and rebukes the storm and says to the sea, “Hush, be still.”  The wind dies down and the sea become perfectly calm.  Wow!!  Do you see that?  The storm was subject to Jesus!

There are a couple of things I want to point out.  First, is that Jesus was asleep in the midst of the storm not because He didn’t care but because He knew God was in control and He knew who had authority over the storm, this allowed Him to be at perfect peace.  The second thing I would like to point out is how the disciples were terrified because all they could focus on was the storm.  They had forgotten who was with them, fear consumed them, understandably, and they immediately began to believe the lie that Jesus didn’t care, that Jesus was going to just let them perish.


When we go through any type of storm the temptation always rises to believe the lie that God is not there or that He does not care about us.  During that time you have a choice to make, you can either continue to believe that this storm is out of control or you can cry out to God and let Him show you His authority over it.  The second you know and believe that God has authority over the storm you will be at peace!  Storms are scary and make us anxious and stress us out, who wants that?  I will take peace every time, and it’s not just a peace that is present for a few hours it is a constant peace that surpasses all understanding, the peace that does not make sense that will stick with you and wrap around you, it will cloth you!

That’s the kind of peace I want!  Yes, I know the rain has continued and areas are still being flooded, but I will trust and believe that God is still there and has authority over every drop of water.  He knows what’s going on, He has not forgotten about you and me in our storm’s.  Begin to cry out to Him and let Him come and tell that storm to “Hush and be still,”  then worship Him for the peace that He brings.  Trust that He will come and wrap around you and bring you peace in the midst of that storm, giving you the confidence that He is in control.  “Cease striving and Know that I am God,” Psalm 46:10

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