Truth To The Core

Being a parent of two little children has been such a great blessing to me and my husband.  Although it has been a blessing there are days when I want to pull my hair out!  I love my babies, but the days when my babies are not loving each other are what frustrate me!  I know this is typical of little children so I know all of you can relate with me!

Now since I know what my children are going through is common and I know each of them are wired differently I find myself trying to figure out ways to help them learn to get along.  Some days I feel super creative like making them stand together hugging each other until they stop whining about holding each other.  They see this as such torture!  I call it learning to love!  It is pretty funny to watch, I will admit!  Other days though I am not as creative and I find myself crying out to God, “Please help these kids make it though the day with me!”

So recently the thing I have caught both of my kids doing is concocting lies about one another to get each other in trouble.  Last week as my husband was driving our family down to the beach for our family vacation, my two kids begin to make accusations about wrongs done by each other while I am turned around watching them the entire time!  In a moment of frustration of hearing the bickering and being stuck in traffic I just snapped back with, “Would you just start desiring truth in your inner most being!”  Nothing like biting your kids heads off with scripture!  My kids just looked at me with a “Okay Mom’s crazy” look and decided to go back to watching there movie.  My husband who now is used to me reacting this way, looked at me and said, “you okay?”  As I was cooling down I said, “you know I really do want that for them.”  “I want our kids to just desire truth in the deepest part of them so that the thought of lying to hurt someone would detest them.”  The moment I spoke those words, I could hear Holy Spirit say, “I desire that for you too.”  images-14

As I heard that word for myself I then began to think about what that would mean for my own life.  I strive to be a person of integrity.  So when I heard the Holy Spirit say that word to me I thought, “but I do desire truth to my core.”  But as I meditated on that scripture from Psalm 51:6, God began to expose within me that not only is having truth permeate me to the core vital in keeping from hurting others, but it is vital to keep me from hurting myself.

“So what would it look like if I began to seek out truth to the core within myself,” I asked?  I then heard from God, “You would stop looking at yourself in the mirror and beating yourself up about flaws that only you see, and begin to see that I made you fearfully and wonderfully.”  “You need to start agreeing with DD that you are beautiful.” “You would begin to see that you are a wonderful mom even though you believe the lie that your certain you are messing up your kids!”  “You would see that I made you with the exact personality that you have for a wonderful reason, and not beat yourself up because you like to share with everyone what I am doing in your life.” “You would see that the message I am speaking to you to write about is a message I have for certain children of mine to hear and that it needs to be written.”

These are some of the lies God spoke to me about last Sunday on our way to the beach.  You know, believing a lie about ourself is just the enemy’s way of keeping us from being who God wants us to be.  Or maybe we feel like it would be vain to look at ourselves in the mirror and say, “I am fearfully and wonderfully made, way to go God.”  Or say, “I am a parent who is giving it their all and I may not be perfect but I am doing a pretty good job.”  Why are we ashamed to believe the truth that God speaks to us?  It is not vain to say, “Way to go God, you did a great job making me!”  Could it be that the flaw you see about yourself is actually an avenue that God wants to show Himself mighty through?  I believe it is!

Jesus says in John 8:32, “And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”  So what is the lie about yourself that you have been believing in the inner most part of yourself?  Let God extract that lie out of yourself and let Him replace it with the freeing truth!  If you don’t know what those lies are, ask God to show you.  He will.  He desires for you and I to know the truth to the core of ourselves! images-3

So I have begun to pray over my children that they would desire truth in their inner most being; so that they not only would keep from hurting others with any lies but that they would keep from hurting themselves!  I am praying that for you and me as well!

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