Victim Or Victor: Moving from Powerless to Powerful

When you hear/read the word victim what do you think? Personally, I don’t like it, yet it’s a part of our world.

I don’t like it because it makes me feel powerless…like life happens to me. And it’s not just the negative effects that surround the word victim, it’s the powerlessness that goes against who I know I am in Christ.

This past Sunday my church family was praying for the victims of Hurricane Harvey, for their peace, safety, comfort and strength. But in that moment of prayer I felt like my prayers needed to shift. They needed to shift from a position of powerless to powerful.

I was praying like a victim. No my house was not destroyed and my life was not turned up on its ear, but I still felt helpless. There were peoples lives that were thrown into chaos and I had let myself believe that I was powerless to do anything.

I know I could pray but my prayers felt ineffective because deep down I felt like things were out of control. More specifically out of God’s control.

If we’re really honest, isn’t that the belief we have when we find ourselves in the place of victim. We believe that God lost control. Or that He wasn’t looking out for us. Or maybe that God pulled the rug out from underneath us and left us to squirm.

Those thoughts are real thoughts that most of us just shove down into the deep recesses of our hearts. But the truth is, if you don’t deal with them, you will accept them as truth, when in actually they are saturated in a lie.

God is not only in control but His eye is upon us, He is the God who sees us (Psalm 139). He is the Father of truth and He leads His beloved into all truth. He promises He will never leave us, therefore He will not leave our circumstances either. He keeps His word, He can be trusted.  And nothing formed against us will ever stand. The wounds that shout out “Your a victim” are the very wounds He will heal!

We don’t have to live as victims, life does not have to happen to us!

Most of us pray powerless prayers because we pray from a position of victim. We believe we’re victims because we don’t know who we are in Christ. We let our circumstances define and identify us rather than the One who created us. Which in turn, causes us to view God as temperamental and on edge because we don’t know who He is to us or in us.

God wants you and me to live victorious! But He didn’t just set that as a mandate for us to figure out on our own, He sent His Son and Holy Spirit to fulfill that desire.

When we live like a victim we deny our identity as son or daughter. We deny that our Daddy is the Victorious Warrior who fights for us not against us. We deny His promises, and we deny His empowering. He wants to give His children power, just like He empowered Jesus to be victorious! (John 14:12)

I don’t know whether you consider yourself victim or victor today, but I do know that either stance is a choice. You can either see yourself as a victim and that is what you’ll be. Or you can choose to see yourself the way God sees you, victorious. The good news is that you can choose to be empowered to rise above any circumstance your going through and get His perspective on your past, present and future.

If living as a victim hasn’t been working for you, then get a new perspective. It’s your choice, and having a choice is powerful!

Sunday I made the choice to shift my prayers from powerless to powerful, by choosing to see the circumstances around me the way He sees them!

So are you a victim or victor?

Be blessed ~







  1. Laura

    Time after time I tell others the same thing. “God has this. Trust Him and His will” But so many times I forget this myself and I am over taken with anxiety and insecurities in my day to day life. Thank you this wonderful reminder that nothing is out of God’s hands and that nothing suprises Him. Nothing is to big or even too small for God’s hands!

    • Jessica Wright

      Amen girl!! So many times we can let the obstacles become bigger than God. I often have to ask God to give me His perspective, because mine usually stinks! Love you Laura!!

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