Waiting As Long As It Takes

This entire year has been an daily trust exercise for me!

This morning I was reading though Psalm 62 in The Passion Translation (BTW I absolutely love this translation, check it out).  This Psalm was written by King David and in verse 1 he says,  “I stand silently to listen for the One I love, Waiting as long as it takes for the Lord to rescue me.” Then again in verse 5 he says, “I am standing in absolute stillness, silent before the One I love; waiting as long as it takes for him to rescue me. 

Waiting as long as it takes…Hum…I don’t know about you, but when I am waiting on God -I begin to sound more like my children when they are waiting on me than I really like to admit to.  Further more David says he is waiting SILENTLY!!  Sadly- I do not relate to David!  Can any of you relate with me?!

When I read this scripture all I see is an expression of Davids trust in God.  David has men who are out to get him, they want to destroy him and they want him dead.  But, David knows God.  David knows God see’s him.  David knows God is faithful. David also knows God is going to fight for him, David calls God his “Champion Defender.”  David is comforted and content, resting in God because he know’s who is coming to help him.  At that, David knows God’s timing is perfect.

When I also read this scripture I think about my own daily life.  I am a stay at home mom!  It’s a tough job with great rewards!  I am not perfect at it, but I do by best to be the best mom for my kids that I can.  Therefore, daily my job as a mom is put to the test by my kids.  My kids are at that age where they want to be independent yet they are still dependent on me for a lot of things.  Daily my kids will ask me to do something for them that they cannot do themselves.  I try to help them as quickly as I can.  Although sometimes I don’t move as quickly as they would like me to.  Therefore they become impatient and usually try to preform the task by themselves.  This NEVER turns out good!  Usually something gets broken, cut, ripped, or spilled in the process.  Or begin nagging me.

Although when I know my kids are in danger of getting hurt, I morph into Jackie Joyner-Kersee and I am quick to come to the rescue!  I hurdle things I never knew I could jump to get to my kids because they are in pain and I want to stop the pain ASAP.  If you think I am crazy you need to see my husband,  He is 10 times quicker and 10 more aggressive at getting to our kids.  As a parent I hate seeing my kids get hurt, but it happens.  Furthermore when someone tries to mess with my kid thats a whole new ball game.  I do turn into a momma bear.

My point is this, God our Father, knows everything that goes on in our lives.  He knows when we are being impatient.  He knows when we are He knows when we get hurt, He also knows when the enemy is out to get us.

Often because of my impatience with God I unnecessarily get hurt and wounded just like my kids do.  He has proven Himself time and again that He is always going to come through for me.  Why can’t I just remember that! Because I am this way, I tend to wonder if God gets frustrated with my impatience like I get frustrated with my children’s impatience.  Or I can begin to ponder on the idea that maybe I annoy Him.  On those days the best thing I can do is go back to what His word says, because God keeps His word!


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