We Are Human Beings Not Human-Doings

As with most couples, when my husband and I were dating we loved to just be with each other. Actually, I still love to just be with my husband. We don’t have to be doing anything but just be. When we were dating we were able to easily push aside the things that would distract us from just spending time with each other.  I didn’t feel the need to get my laundry done when I was with him and I sure didn’t feel the need to clean the house when we were spending time together. That time with him was just too precious to use up taking care of my to-do list.

The same went for my kids the first few months of their lives. I might have lacked sleep but often times when I was holding them watching them sleep in my arms, I was not in a hurry to rush away from that moment. My kids are growing up way too fast. Often times as they are playing and enjoying the day I will find myself watching them and just wanting them to come and give me a hug or sit in my lap so I can enjoy holding them like I did when they were babies. They are precious to me and I delight in them, so I naturally just want to be with them.

The words of one of my mentors, “God made us to be human beings not human doings,” was at the front of my mind yesterday morning as I sat exhausted. I bet most of you, like me, could blame most of your exhaustion on the time change (ugh), but yesterday morning I kept feeling like my exhaustion was due to something else. As I have confessed before I relate more with Martha than her sister Mary. It is easier for me to get up and serve the Lord than to be still and sit at His feet. So instead of being still, I had to figure out what was going on! Do you see my problem here?!

Like my relationship with my husband and kids, my relationship with God is precious to me, but I struggle at times to just sit and be in His presence. I gladly want to serve God. When I come to worship Him, I am grateful for all He has done in my life but my mind will quickly shoot to asking Him, “What can I do for You, how can I serve You today?” Or in those quiet moments if I don’t feel God’s presence in my allotted amount of time, my mind will race to find out what could be causing the delay when the “racing and doing” is the problem the entire time.

Although doing is exhausting, could it be that it is easier to do than just be for us Martha’s? I wonder if just sitting in God’s presence is so hard for us because we are scared of what God would say? Or worse, wouldn’t say. I also wonder if just being in God’s presence would make us deal with some deep issues that we have been working for years to avoid and doing helps us with that. I believe that behind every Martha mentality within us is a fear that we just won’t measure up, for Martha’s that would be devastating. Psalms 46:10 (TPT) says Surrender your anxiety!” Be silent and stop your striving and you will see that I am God…”  I do not believe it was by chance that the Psalmist begins encouraging us to be still with surrender your anxiety.

God created us to be in a growing relationship with Him. Just like with my husband and kids, when I am so focused on serving and doing I end up neglecting the one thing that will help grow and strengthen our relationship. Please hear me, I do believe serving is a part of a relationship with God and your family, but it is not all of the relationship.


Yesterday in the middle of my searching for the presence of the Lord, He said this, “You don’t have to do anything but just sit and be with Me. Let Me hold you and enjoy you.”

When one of my kids does crawl up in my lap the best feeling in the world, as a parent, is to feel their breath get in rhythm with mine as they sit and rest. When my husband and I just get to sit and hold each other it does so much good to our relationship.

Today when you sit in His presence, I pray you will see how precious that time is.  Resist the urge to do and instead just be and let your heart align to the rhythm of God’s. Let Him breathe refreshment into you! Don’t let fear of what He will or will not say keep you from just being with Him. God delights in you, you are precious to Him -you are one of His best creations! He made you to have a relationship with Him, let your being today grow that relationship!


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