Well Done — is for Today: Taking human expectations off of our Heavenly Father

I have been mulling over this post for a few weeks now. It’s not about Christmas or any type of seasonal flare, so maybe that is why I have waited to post it. But what I’m about to share just keeps coming up in my thoughts and conversations and I believe it’s a word that is life-giving and timely for any day.

A few weeks ago I was having my quiet time and after some time in prayer I asked God, “Is there anything in my life that needs to change or that I need to work on?” The response that I got, I didn’t expect.

I heard…

Well done, good and faithful servant — is for today.

I grew up learning the verse well done good and faithful servant… in Sunday school, so I was familiar with it. But every time it was taught, I remember an emphasis being placed on being faithful with the time, resources and talents God has given you, so that, at the end of your life you can here God say, “Well done good and faithful servant, enter into your rest.”

But to hear “Well done…is for today” took me by surprise. It changed things. It changed the way I perceived God, it revealed my inner beliefs about him and it has changed my relationship with him.

I feel so many of us, including me, have had the perception of God sitting on his thrown, keeping a list of all the things we need to work on and change. Some days, rare days, he gets to check some of the things off the list and others days the list just seems to get longer. Like he is a father we just never seem to be able to please and we disappoint him more often than make him proud.

Or that well done is just for “special occasions”… like your death.

I believe that God is a lot more generous with well done, than what we think.

He is not the Father that watches you throughout the day then at night greets you with a list of things you could do better.

We tend to put human experiences on our heavenly father.

We tend to forget that, his ways are not our ways, and his thoughts are not our thoughts… (Isaiah 55:8)

I believe that God sees our heart and knows that our spirit is willing but the flesh is weak, (Mark 14:38) therefore he gives grace and gives us the encouragement we so desperately need.

Does he discipline us? Yes. But his discipline is always sandwiched between encouragement, love and speaking our destiny over us.

Yes, God does refine the junk out of our lives, but when he does it, we are not ruined or discouraged, instead we are changed and encouraged.

He is a good Father who enjoys his children. He rejoices with them and their victories, and he comforts and strengthens them on the days that are hard. He does discipline when it is needed but he is not a disgruntle God that we can never seem to please.

Well done is for today. 

If your perception of him has been like mine was, may I suggest that you ask God to help you come to know his character. That you would no longer live off of the perspective of human experience, but come to know him and his ways that are higher than yours.

So may you rest in knowing that he is proud of you and well done is for you and it is for today.

Until next time… Merry Christmas and be blessed!




    • Jessica Wright

      Thank you Heather for your encouragement! It has been such a blessing to God out of the box of human experiences and let him show me how he loves his children!

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