What Details Are You Paying Attention To? Learning how to discern between the important ones & the decoy’s

On Monday morning I was looking at my schedule for the week ahead of me, and I was faced with the things I needed to do and the things I wanted to do. I tried to look at every detail to see how I could make the two “to-do” list mesh together, but frankly, some of the details of my week were just making things difficult.

As I was focusing on those details, I sensed God telling me, “Don’t despise the details of your life.”15-waysto-enjoy-life-at-50

Honestly, there are areas in my life that I do a pretty good job at paying attention to the details, and other areas that require detail that I fail miserably at (just ask anyone who has ever done a craft project with me)!

Details can seem small and unimportant and more like a nuisance to some of us, but if you don’t take the time to tend to the details that truly matter, you more than likely will end up with a mess on your hands.

So, I guess the question we need to ask ourselves is, “What are the details that truly matter?”

I believe, that many of us are focused on the wrong details and usually at the wrong time. Me included. We waste our time and energy focusing on details that seem important right then that are really just decoys to distract us from the details that deserve our time and energy.

I could type a list of important details vs. unimportant details to make my point, but I don’t know your life, your season, or your personality. So, I’m not going there.

What I can tell you, is the “important details” in my life (my family and friend relationships) deserve more of my time and attention than they often get. But, many times those important details become so familiar that I forget how sacred they truly are, my focus gets set on the “decoys” and I end up wasting precious time and precious energy.

Romans 8:28 says, “…every detail of our lives is continually woven together to fit into God’s perfect plan of bringing good to our lives, for we are his lovers who have been called to fulfill his designed purpose.” 

What details truly matter? The ones that God has given you to bring good to your life.

I want to be keenly aware of the  important details in my life that God is weaving together to fit into His perfect plan, I don’t want to miss them. I want to recognize those important details while I am in the moment, not after they have passed. And I also want to accurately see how worthy those details really are and just how worthless the decoys are. And, I am pretty sure you want the same thing too!

So that is my prayer for you and I, that we would recognize the important details God has placed in our lives, and to not let those precious details become so familiar that they lose their sacredness.

And maybe we should begin to ask ourselves on a regular basis, “Does this detail truly matter? Is it apart of the the perfect plan God is weaving together to bring good in my life?” If it does not matter, can we agree that we will then move on to the things that are truly important? Good!

I would love to hear from you, what are some techniques that you use to keep the truly important details in the right perspective? Would you share those with me?

Until next time, be blessed!



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