What Season Are You In?

Monday marked the first official day of spring, it felt like spring weeks ago in my neck of the woods, but now it’s official!

I love the beginning of every season, I love the change in weather, the change in colors and the change in my wardrobe! Although, where I’m from, Monday can feel like summer and Friday will feel like winter! You just never know what the weather is going to do.

I was reading thru Proverbs 10 recently, and verse 5 caught my attention. It says,

Know the importance of the season you’re in and a wise son you will be. 

Just as it’s important to know what the physical season is, so that you can dress accordingly, it’s important to know the season of life you’re in, so you can live accordingly.

I’m in the season of motherhood where my kids are still young and dependent on me. But I have to confess, there are days that I wan’t to be in another season. Frankly, sometimes other seasons of life look more attractive than the one I’m in.

Do you know what I mean?

Although, it’s one thing to look at another season of life and think, That would be nice…but it’s completely different when we start trying to live like we are in another season, when we’re not.

Due to my season of motherhood, there are times when I will believe Satan’s lies like, “You’re just a mom, You’re not that important, You’re not a real contribution to society, You’re a nobody,” so I exhaust myself trying to be more than just a mom. Yes, my stiving may get me a pat on the back from others, and I may hear “great job” but when I sacrifice my season of motherhood for the sake of accolades, I’ve wasted my opportunity.

The quickest way to start living in a season that’s not yours is by comparing your life with someone else’s. The lies that Satan whispers in your ear are a lot harder to reject, when you are looking through the lens of comparison. 

You and I have to be careful to not compare, it’s hard not to, but it is possible. Your life is uniquely yours. It will look different and work differently than others — especially your friends.

When we start comparing our season of life with everyone else’s, we are guaranteed to feel incompetent and lacking. When we compare we devalue ourselves and others.

We could do ourselves and our families a favor by not only recognizing the season we are in but appreciate it too!

Celebrate the season you’re in.  And when you see someone else’s season that looks more appealing, do something out of character, congratulate them for their season, celebrate with them! By celebrating someone else’s season, you can diffuse an jealousy or envy stirring in your heart, I know it sounds hard, but try it — it works!

You may be at the beginning of a new season or in the middle of another, but wherever you are enjoy it. Know your season’s importance and don’t let Satan tell you that your season is insignificant. Because here’s a hint, if he is telling you it’s insignificant, that means it’s actually a paramount season!

Set your mind on the blessings of your season and find the things you are grateful for in your season. By directing your mind to the positives in your season, you’ll remind your heart and soul just how important this season really is!

Until next time…


I would love to hear from you. What helps you value the season of life that you’re in? Do you have any helpful words of wisdom that you can share about enjoying the seasons of life?

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