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Jessica L. Wright is an author, speaker and certified Christian Life Coach through the American Association of Christian Counselors with over sixteen years of ministry experience, who desires her restored life usher in great hope to other women battling with guilt and shame.

Jessica believed for years that she was disqualified and unworthy due to the shame from her sexual past. She believed she knew Jesus personally but would always be inadequate. At one point in her life she decided that being a nun would be better than facing any disappointment from a husband! Her plans for the convent life were soon met with the truth of God’s restoring love. Through her story, Jessica seeks to offer hope through Restored Innocence, Freedom In Christ and a deep passion to see other women find their True Identity.

Jessica’s favorite place is with her love, DD. They have been married for twelve years, have two beautiful children and live in Seymour, Texas. Her joys are being outside, spending time with the ones she loves, and reading.

Her freedom story from the prison of shame is being expressed in her soon to be released book, My Mess His Masterpiece.
“It was for freedom that He set every believer free. When you let the sins from your past continue to have power over you, keeping you bound up, then you are making the work of the cross look pointless. Jesus’ blood had the power to nullify the fact that I was sinful, dead, lost, and impure, and, through Jesus, I became pure, spotless, and complete.” ~Excerpted from My Mess His Masterpiece.

What Others Are Saying

“I so enjoy reading your inspiring words! It reminds me that I’m not the only one who struggles with these feelings
at times!” -Tina

“So many times YES to this. “God speaks into existence the things that are not” wow. Thankful for your words
and wisdom.” – Laura

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